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The Reason to play games-

Initially it wasn't looking so good, the game continuously crashed and was riddled with glitches making it all but unplayable, however i persevered and managed to fix the crashes and most of the bugs and was in return given one of the greatest gaming experiences of my life.

Fallout 3 is an Open world RPG by Bethesda Game Studios who are known mainly for their Elder Scrolls Series, the game is the sequel to the Fallout RPG games made by the now extinct Black Isle Studios and is set in a post nuclear war wasteland.

The game begins with you being born inside Vault 101, a nuclear bomb shelter hidden from the outside world you grow and develop your character in a unique story based tutorial section of the game, this idlylic safe part of the game is shattered when you character's father flees the Vault and you must give chase, escape the vault and discover the unique world of Fallout.

Many Features from Oblivion make a return such as Fast Travel and Dialogue options, these features are complemented by New Additions like V.A.T.S. and Perks.
The game can be played in a First Person or Third Person Perspective similar to The Elder Scrolls games, but Two things keep the franchises separate-

  1. Guns-Unlike Any RPG made by Bethesda, Fallout 3 features a gun system that allows weapons to be repaired, upgraded and used to deal death to the many foes you encounter in your adventures in the Capital Wasteland.
  2. Fallout Style-The Game features a unique style and atmosphere that draws you into the unique and captivating story of the capital wasteland.

Despite the idea of a Nuclear Wasteland the game is actually very inhabited with characters from a modified Freighter that has been made into a city to an underground lair housing the remnants of the US government.
The Graphics engine is the same as Oblivion but due to the engines implementation i feel it works better here, allowing for more detail and immersion.
The Music of Fallout adds Tremendously to the Overall Experience, the game has excellent ambient and backround music but the Radio Stations are where the games music shines.
The game features several Radio Stations that can be tuned into, they play old 1900 music that for some reason perfectly fits your actions as you explore and fight to survive in the Capitol Wasteland.

Combat In Fallout 3 Is significantly different to Oblivion due to V.A.T.S. and Chactacter Perks.
V.A.T.S. is a unique system implemented to the games combat that allows you to target specific body parts with your weapons.

Character Customization has also been enchanced from Oblivion by the addition of Perks, Each time you level up Players choose a Perk that add a permenant Customization Attribute, these perks range from the "Adamantium Skeleton" Perk which halves the amount of damage you character Takes to "Mysterious Stranger" which will send a Cloaked Stranger with a Magnum to give you backup in combat.

All in All The Improvements from Oblivion, The Fallout style and the Improvements to Combat and Character Customization Make Fallout easily worth buying and One of the Greatest Game Experiences i've ever played.

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