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Like all games, this one could be better. When Im trying to fight my way through Monsters and Gaint Fire Ants of Death it take the littlest thing to kill the character. All this game needs it a motorcycle. Yea, why walk everywhere when a dirt bike or a futureistict pair of wheels will do. Remember when you buy this,...... buy a game guide or you'll be on the internet for an hour wondering where Big Town is. lol. Once you get a hang of it and the rule of being around other people,.... this game can get addicting. So have fun and don't shoot unless you intend to kill everyone around you. :)


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    I was completely ignoring this game when it came out because I wasn't generally into RPG's, and I hadn't played the previous Fallouts. It took me half a year to finally look it up, being inspired by all the praise it had received. So I got it used for about 20 € and popped it in my ps3 with no expectations whatsoever. Now, you can probably see from my rating that I was far from disappointed. It really opened my eyes for RPG's and after some hours, I was willing to call it one of my favorite game...

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