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Fallout 3

Fallout 3
The fallout series has been regarded as the pinnacle of  post apocalyptic gaming for it’s gritty realism, dark story, and impressive RPG like game play; but can Fallout 3 follow it’s older brethren to glory or will it be cast down to the shadows? Fallout 3 delivers on all three points with grace, by adding an in-depth story that adds to the already excellent plot, an astounding first person view of the immense world that surrounds you with an array of new monsters, npc’s and weapons. From the time you put the disk in system, the game immerses you into it’s world with it’s retro 50’s take on Post nuclear war.


You arrive in Fallout not by an introduction but by your own birth. Where you are examined and given a name by your own father. You can barley see and your in a deep state of confusion and awe as you look around the makeshift delivery room. From that moment on you realize that this is no ordinary world this is the world of Fallout. You then take your first baby steps, then to your 10th birthday party were you are awarded with your very own Pip-Boy 3000, and wristwatch type device that enables you to observe you condition, ex. Radiation intake, inventory , and map, to finally your G.O.A.T test (   Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test) were you are fitted with a job based of you personality. But things start to go arise, you wake up to a woman telling you that your father has escaped the Vault, allegedly killed his best friend, there is a mob of people who are looking for you. You barley escape to find a barren wasteland, that appears to be lifeless, and with only the clothes on your back you set out to find your father.

                                                                     Game Play
Right off the bat your able to traverse any were in the Fallout , may it be the Washington monument or to the local Super Duper Mart, but beware because you never know when a super mutant might appear behind the Washington monument or a gang of Raiders decides to make the super duper mart there hang-out. But have no fear the V.A.T.S System is here ( Vault-tech Assistant Targeting System) to help aid you in those arduous battles, by enabling you to single out specific body parts you’d like to shoot, but watch you AP meter for if it runs out your out of V.A.T.S. and will half to rely on your own aiming, but it adds a level of strategy not yet found I n modern RPG’s. On the other hand the mpc’s found in fallout 3 are amazingly detailed and unique, each one has there own distinct story and live that they live out, each npc is different from the rest.

While the story and game play are two shining diamonds the Presentation is the Mona Lisa of the pair, with stunning graphics, amazing voice acting , and detailed facial and landscape expressions. You can literally see miles away from the time you exit your vault, but there are some problems. Sometimes trees wont show up until your inches away and facial expressions sometimes get mixed up resulting in rare game freezes, luckily the game will fix it’s self and continue, minor problems compared to the absolute amazing presentation at hand.


                    Story: 8.9
                    Game Play: 9.2
                    Presentation: 9.3
                        Total: 9.5    Buy It Now!!!!

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