mastachiefpwn's Fallout 3 (Xbox 360) review


this game could possibley be one of the best games ever! the game is going strong with game add ons and is just simpley amazing. graphics are grate! (really? a fallout game with good graphics???/??) bethesta transphormed the old top veiw rpg to a shooting roleplaying game of ultimate furry! the story line was as always to a fallout game, FRIGGIN EPIC!!!!!11!!!!1!!!! anouther thing that is cool is you can carry around a frickin arsanal of weapons arround with you and kill who ever you damn well please! if you are in a pissed mood PLAY THIS GAME AND KILL PEOPLE! an exelent game. i can't wait til further sequals.

Posted by Dustpan

This is one of the most retarded, brainless reviews i have ever read in my life.

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    After Oblivion, Bethesda’s 2006 hit, the expectations were extremely high for Fallout 3 and the game doesn’t disappoint. Although some fanatics of the original Fallouts may not fully appreciate the move from top-down fully turn-based to a hybrid of the latter and first person shooter , fans of previous Bethesda games will recognise the core movement, navigation and little secrets they have added. In fact there are a huge amount of similarities between this and Oblivion, although instead of wande...

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