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So its made by the guys who made Oblivion and has guns? Nice

I never played a fallout out game before fallout 3 so going into it I didn't have any Kind of biased towards or against it. Looking at trailers and gameplay footage from what i could tell it was a Elder Scrolls Oblivion with guns which sounded pretty great.

When I brought it and started playing it I was like yeah this is totally Oblivion with guns and at first I didn't like it at all. Everything felt bigger then it should be and I was also having issues with how the game was running. About a month after my first play I didn't touch it again till I brought a new graphics card which fix all of the problems which which great and after a while fallout really does start to grow on up, After a couple of hour I was fixed that this is one of the greatest games ever.

You start the story in vault 101 by being born from there you choose your gender , look ect and Begin your quest. From there on its a little bit of a slow start, most the stuff that goes on in the vault is just to see what your char is like you take test which has great questions such as if your grandma gave you a gun and ask you to kill someone or who is greatest in vault 101 with all fouranswer to the question being the overseer. After this thought things go shit crazy . Your Dad has escaped the vault the now the overseer is after you. Here you come up withdecisions such as kill the overseer or let him live and save or don't the mother of the guy who bullied you your whole life and these will impact the game a certain points if you choose to return the vault at some point later.

As you may have guessed after you done all that you leave the vault and head into the wastelands to find your father and just what the hell is going on. You also notice how great the wasteland looks. Being stuck in the vault for the first little bit of the game just doesn't really show how this games looks untill you escaped, its kind of what you expect a place that had a nuclear bomb that's gone off to look like. This is where the game really takes offs, You should have gotten enough items from the vault to keep your self safe for now. Just don't go looking for trouble right away or you could get overwhelmed very fast. Your first job is to go find out where your dad gone so you head out to megaton , the closest city to vault 101.

It seems the outside world is doing ok , well as ok as you can get considering the world been bombed. Megaton is pretty much a shanty town where people are going about there normal lives . the many quests here with a odd man siting alone in the bar you go to find out more about your dad. Here you pretty much choose if your guy or gal going to be the hero of the wasteland or the evilest jerk to ever set foot on the planet. the odd looking man ask your favor , to blow up megaton!! you see there a giant bomb in the middle of the town (hence the name megaton). its not armed but it can be with yourknow how. As said the way u do this quest will pretty much decided if your char is good or evil and the rewards for finshing the quest are both good. It a quest you don't wana miss out on.

By now you should have been in a few combat situations and seen how the vats work. Its pretty much the way you want to play, I kind of wish other games such as mass effect would of had an option like this. The way it works is your u go on to vats mode you can lock on to a certain body part and target while the world around you is not moving. This is where the rpgness of fallout really show as you can que up attacks on enemies. There are percentages and such at work while in vats mode so the higher the percent the more chance there is to go good damage. Vats can also be used up making you attack in first person till there charged up. It may sound a little odd but after a while you get used to it and it doesactually work really well. Ive also found the gameplay to be better on a 360 control then a keyboard and mouse. Maybe this is just personal preference or more people feel the same way I don't really know but I did enjoy it a lot more with the controller.

While fallout is a great game it does fallout into some of the potholes that oblivion had. The dungeon parts which are pretty much just vaults and subway systems just feel to much like the last one you went in. The couple of instance where this isn't the case but 8/10 times you be asking have I been here before? The voice acting also has its ups and downs. On the most part its of fairly high standed but like oblivion it a case of to many npcs and not enought voice actors. I always asked my self with Oblivion was the world to big and I ask my self the same question with Fallout 3 to. somtimes you wonder if it was there really a point to making me spend like half an hour walking all the way over here or such. For the most part its not a big deal but it does become a bit of bore every now and then.

Even so the game is still great. At the start of this review i said yeah its oblivion with games but now to me its more then that. Its has t good enough story that you won't be asking wtf (till the end) and will keep you hooked for the most part. The gameplay is well designed and the vats is a great game mechanic. Overall it feel like a well made game and that is all you ask from a game. That is why Fallout 3 in my opinion is great game that should be played by anyone.

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