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Fallout 3 Unbelievable

When this game came out last year, i wasnt excited by it and refused to buy it. After actually listening to the bombcast and seeing the quick looks on  the dlc which came out i decided to get the game and see what all the hype was about.

Im glad to say that the game is fantastic and enjoyed every moment of it. This being a game which you can play in both first and third person and with elements of other genres really sets it apart from other games. The sombre atmosphere through out the game with its gritty story line makes the journey through the game more enjoyable. 

The story may sound simple but is executed to explore all of the fallout world, which in this case is the wasteland. Growing up in a vault you have experienced life outside these walls until one day, your father makes his escape and you decide to follow in his footsteps and enter the wastelands. During his journey you meet different factions, ghouls, raiders, mercs and of course the few normal folk who have survived the nuclear war. With help from these people you go on the hunt for the your father. The story takes a few twists and becomes a 30 hour to 40 hour adventure, if you add he quests you can easily extend the gameplay to 50+ hrs.

The combat is unique as you use a VAT system which can pinpoint each foes body parts and can be useful in situations where there are multiple enemies. With a vast number of weapons which are available and other fun gizmoes you can feel satisfied with gameplay through the whole game. The other additions include the perks which you get when you gain experience levels and can have a major impact on the game. Also choosing from being good or evil is very much the highlight.

I would highly recommend this game to any one in doubt, i havent even touched on the dlc. Every 4 to 6 weeks so far a dlc comes out which offers more game time and more little extras for the hardcore gamer. I have enjoyed the broken steel dlc and im currently going through the Point lookout dlc.

Final thought buy the game. 
Posted by sohail12345

meh not a good review at all it should be 5/5

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