Can this computer run this game?

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1GB ATI Radeon HD5470 Graphics, 4GB DDR3, 500GB HD, Webcam, HDMI, Windows 7. If so, how well can it run the game?

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Also, surprisingly; webcam has nothing to do with how games run..

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@destruktive: Hah, the user probably just copy and pasted their specs off of whatever site listing reflected his computer's specs accurately.

But yeah 1GB ATI Radeon HD5470 can definitely run Fallout 3/NV era graphics. In fact, I think it could even play medium quality Battlefield 3!

You could probably run the game on max settings for Fallout NV. Unless there's some weird driver issue, which could easily be fixed with a mod. I know some Bethesda/Obsidian games have weird AMD issues. My laptop with an Nvidia card runs them all (even Skyrim!) smoothly but my personally-built desktop with a comparable AMD card has weird stuttering issues even though it can play Battlefield 3 better than my laptop can -- that could have to do with the capacitor cap I accidentally broke when putting the graphics card in, though...

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@EquitasInvictus: I can't speak for Battlefield 3 specifically but I have an NVidia GTX 550 Ti and an AMD Phenom II x6 1055T (8 jiggawatts of RAM) and I've constantly had a driver thing that messes with its performance. (ie. freezing randomly on the desktop, dropping video for a split second and then coming back with an error "Driver failed and reloaded" and then back. Games choppy then game closes fully and then will run fine next time.) I've tried dropping back the drivers and such but nothing has mattered yet. But sometimes it depends on the mixing matching you do I think.

PS - I would think that computer should run Fallout fine as they stated. Haven't personally played it but they have a list of required specs here. It's about 3 or 4 questions down. Your system should run it fine.

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@mitchell486: A driver issue with both of those cards? I remember my laptop was kinda spotty at first and my laptop has a NVidia GTX 260M but a quick mod driver compatibility fix got it to run on ultra seamlessly.

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@EquitasInvictus: Yeah I suppose you're right. A driver issue might be the easy way out for blaming the choppy but I just figured I'd warn you of my setup and issues. I think the driver itself doesn't get along well with the AMD processor and the NVidia card. Where'd you get that MOD'd video card driver BTW? I've tried BETA versions of the newest ones and old versions as well, hoping to fix this random hang time it causes and I've yet to really find a good fix.

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@mitchell486: Oh the mods weren't for the video card drivers themselves but for one of the .dll files for the game that was somehow bugged to mess up with newer graphics cards. Although that waaaay early on after Fallout New Vegas came out and apparently patches have long since fixed how buggy newer card driver compatibility was.

I don't think you'd have to go so far as try out beta versions of the newer cards. I'd say the latest stable drivers and latest NV patches should work for the video cards.

In your case, it may just be the AMD processor, which could potentially be its own issue. Actually I just looked it up and apparently this offsite discussion ( something about the phenom processor with a quirk that messes with FO:NV performance and a potential fix.

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I can't answer because I haven't played New Vegas and my machine is different to yours, but the way I find out if my machine can run games is by doing these two things:

  1. Go to it measures your hardware against the system requirements of the game and tell you if you meet or exceed the minimum and recommended requirements
  2. Go to Youtube and look up videos people have captured of the game running on hardware similar to yours. The user that uploaded it may answer any questions you have also.

Hope this helps.

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Thank's guys.

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Oh uh, guys, I have a confession, I don't have a pc with those specs. I was looking to buy one with those specs, as, my laptop, with a Intel I3 GMA HD, can barely play this, it plays it on low, with a lot of lag, so I was looking to upgrade, when I read this, your responses I mean, I saw the laptop, had about this one? PCI Express x16 ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 4GB RAM, and a 320 GB HDD.

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@crazierjohnatham: I guess this is personal opinion but I can't stand to play PC games on a laptop. I did one time and that was a full run through of Half Life while sitting in Wal-mart for the Wii for my friend. I didn't want to buy one but being a good buddy I waited for the midnight release and beat Half Life in just under 6 hours I believe. I know it's not speed run but it was fun enough and it killed the time well. Other than that, I wouldn't recommend playing any sort of a real game you want to take seriously on a laptop just because hardware is barely comparable. You have to remember. You are cramming a bunch of expectation into a little area where heat, power, and resources are all issues. If you are looking into getting something that could run F/NV then I suggest either a cheap PC (mine was $400-$450 and it's very decent) or simply stick to smaller games on the laptop.

I guess I should ask. Is there a reason you have to have the gaming done on a laptop?

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I don't have to have it done on a laptop. I will buy a desktop, if that is sincerely the one you think is better for gaming.

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@crazierjohnatham said:

I don't have to have it done on a laptop. I will buy a desktop, if that is sincerely the one you think is better for gaming.

Honestly, forget about gaming on a laptop. It's just not worth it. A desktop has lower upkeep at the expense of portability (i.e. you don't need to invest $800+ every few years for a new laptop when the weaksauce GPU [discrete or not] becomes dated), and you can just spend $350 every 5 years or so to upgrade parts that are bottlenecking.

Put it this way. I paid $780 for my computer 4.5 years ago, and the only thing beginning to show its wear right now is the GPU. I will probably spend somewhere in the ballpark of $200 for an Nvidia GTX 760Ti a year or two from now.

Plus, the capital investment for a desktop is much cheaper anyhow, and your i3 laptop should be good enough for all of your productivity needs.

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@crazierjohnatham: youre avatar makes me remember how much i miss that show :[

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Don't game on a laptop then. And. Good PC should equal $400-500 to be really safe and solid with most modern games.

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It will, just turn some graphics down and you should be brilliantly coloured. :)

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