Fallout New Vegas: GOTY edition?

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I've been playing Fallout since #2, and with the addition of 3 made me want to give New Vegas a shot, of which I unfortunately did. Being I did it around launch time, it was buggy, glitchy, laggy and froze like a mother fucker. Thus, I traded it in for some petty amount of cash, of which I regret. So, with the additions of 3-4 new DLC, and hopefully a patch for the broken-ness, I was thinking about picking it up to re-experience it AKA give it a shot, since I've played the living hell out of Fallout 3. So granted, will there be a Game of the Year edition around the corner? Because 1, it typically saves money and 2 is a much more...fixed version (Ex: Fallout 3).

So just wondering, will there be a GOTY edition?

Much Obliged

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Nothing has been announced but I'm guessing there will be since Fallout 3 and Oblivion had one.

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going by fallout 3 and oblivion most likely

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Would be the best choice for them. Also makes sense with what they did with Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Morrowind.

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Do they make GOTY editions for games that didn't win GOTY?

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Will anyone even give it a GOTY award?

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Nevermind, it didn't even come out this year. :/

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I'm sure at any rate what he meant was a game like Fallout 3 that will include all of the DLC in one package.

And with what I believe is now the final New Vegas DLC out there, I'm sure they'll offer it all together as a package deal eventually.

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Def will have one. However prob 1 more DLC or have they not said how many?

EDIT : It will have a "complete" or "ultimate" or etc pack with all DLC at some point. I'm sure of it.

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I was pretty sure that Lonesome Road was to be the last but I could be wrong I guess.

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Id guess so but its 20 bucks at gamestop atm buying it now and the dlc should come out to the same just about

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Yeah there are four DLC's (not counting the minor weapon and stash ones) that are 10 dollars each.

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New Vegas Ultimate Edition has been announced. It is releasing Feb 7, 2012 for $49.99 PS3/Xbox and $39.99 on PC.

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