Hoping for a sale

#1 Posted by championfetus (278 posts) -

Just built a new PC and I'm really hoping this goes on sale. It has been in my backlog for a looooong time.

Just to keep the conversation going... What's in your backlog GB?

#2 Posted by llamaegg (232 posts) -

Considering my Steam account is peaking nearly 300, my backlog is way too large to list.

On the plus side (for you at least), New Vegas goes on sale quite a bit, along with all the DLC, and you can almost bet it will be a daily deal in the upcoming Steam Summer Sale.

#3 Posted by bybeach (5151 posts) -

Steam sale is (supposedly) coming. Wait for the (supposed) sale.

I think it will though, probably next week. Just to say Fallout New Vegas isn't a very demanding game. Considering the graphics, it better not be. I liked it amd Fallout 3, but got tired....

I have a huge backlog and (supossedly) it is going to get a lot huger....

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