how do I did there?

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Im doing the Nothin' but a hound dog and I cant get to one of the points. water all around and hills that look to high to climb. 

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Work on your grammar, but I'm pretty sure it's a cave.

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@SmashedControllers said:
" Work on your grammar, but I'm pretty sure it's a cave. "
A spooky cave!  OoooOooooOooooo
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You have to take the raft at Cottonwood Cove to get there, it's the legion's main base.

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Anyone know what stat bonus you get from the Legion dog brain? The fiend dog brain gives Rex a speed boost.
Regardless of what the bonus is though, ED-E still seems like the superior companion.

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@Chaser324: I believe the Legion dog gives him a attack bonus.
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Can we get an interpreter in here? 
Sumbody talk dis way to?

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