HOW LITTLE WE KNOW is broken. Period

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I was in the middle of THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS, IV and HOW LITTLE WE KNOW. I talked to the Receptionist, then to Cachino, then to Troike, then to Big Sal, then to Troike again. He gave me his thermite to destroy the guns in the basement. I went around the room and kept placing it wherever it indicated it could be placed until it said "Thermite removed," but the Quest is still telling me to use the thermite. Broken. Part of the Quest is also telling me to talk to Clanden, but after I tell him that Cachino sent me, there are no additional dialogue options, and he's still marked as a Quest target. Broken. I tried to find a solution for about an hour until I finally shot up the place and made them hostile. HOW LITTLE WE KNOW failed, and THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS, IV told me to return to Mr. House and tell him that Gomorrah is hostile to me. Guess what? That failed THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS, IV!

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I made Troike place the thermite. Then I had a meeting with Big Sal where I made Cachino shoot him. Quest finished.
As for Clanden, I think you'll have to find something or talk to someone to initiate more conversation options.

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@wethebiscuitz: Yes, I spoke to Clanden first. I tried googling what to do, but to no avail. Maybe you'll have to search his room for something.
But was it one thing I learned from Fallout 3, it was to always have a lot of points in speech. Atleast for the game to suit my playstyle.
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Hi, I've also got this quest broken, but in a different way. I started doing the Wild Card: Side Bets quest, and got to know the Omertas. This meant getting past the dialogue with the receptionist, and I'm currently to do two different quests for them (one for Clanden, one for Troike). The problem is thatwhen I try to do the House Always Wins IV quest, the quest marker is for the receptionist, yet nothing I can say to her advances the quest. For reference, my Speech skill is 100, and I don't remember failing a speech check the first time.

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" Inside the main entrance to the Gomorrah, talk to receptionist on your left. If it appears as a speech option, ask her about "the outstanding balance" on information to find out what's been going on in Gomorrah. She will tell you to find Cachino, a low level lieutenant, and ask him about suspicious Omerta activities. If there is no "outstanding balance" speech option with the receptionist, ask a few of the dealers/bouncers/hookers about where you can find Cachino." 
It appears you need to talk around to the bouncers. The "outstanding balance" is not a speech check, btw.
"Place the thermite on the guns and set off the detonator via the panel near the closest door to the room. If Troike plants the thermite himself he will get caught and rat you out before the Omertas kill him, but this won't ruin any of your objectives."
"There's a hidden safe behind the wardrobe next to the bed in Clandens room. The lock can be picked or the key can be pickpocketed off Clanden (you'll find some snuff films in the safe). Taking the films back to Cachino will result in him telling you to confront Clanden with the tapes and blackmail him into either leaving Vegas or helping you. Confronting Clanden can result in him becoming hostile and attacking. The key gained from pickpocketing Clanden can also be used to open one of the maintenance rooms on the suite level, where a dead hooker can be found (which you can investigate), which proves Clanden's shady dealings."
Doesn't seem that broken to me. Sounds like you didn't detonate the thermite, or search very thoroughly for evidence on clanden (sometimes you can't always expect the game's compass to do all your investigative work for you.) 
This all came from the fallout wiki. If you hit a roadblock, you should look there first
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Cachino's already dead in my game, Button Man capped him. Do I just need to do the Troike and Clanden quests to assess whether or not they're a threat? Because I don't dig chlorine-gassing dudes, but I guess if I have to do it, I will.

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