Is this game worth getting as a birthday present (on 360)?

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So, I have no real desire to play this game myself, but I'm wondering, since it's my brothers' birthdays in June, do you think one of them would like this game as a present? He's not really a big gamer, but he loves The Elder Scrolls series, he even read some of the books, and he also liked Fallout 3 a lot, he still has it at his house and never gave it back. He's the type of person that really only cares for sports games and will enjoy playing multiplayer with friends. He rarely ever buys games for their campaign, and he'll only want it if it's open world it seems, or if it's "epic". I was surprised he even beat the MW3 campaign.

So, I know it's probably hard to determine whether he'd like it or not, but I'd really like to know if this game is even playable by now. I heard when this game came out that it was buggy to an almost unplayable level, I would hope they have fixed some of that by now. Would you recommend I get him that? I kind of think he wants it, but he doesn't yet know he does, until he plays it. We were talking about the game when it came out, and he was saying something like how he didn't know if he wanted to go back in and spend all the time with it that he had to, but I don't know. It just seems like the best present in my opinion, I don't know though.

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likes Elder Scrolls, likes Fallout 3

-> will like Fallout New Vegas

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Sure. But he should be ready to reset the system a lot. I started up this game not to long ago, and the first thing that happened was a game crash before the main menu. The game got a lot of treatment for bugs so playing it through without encountering too much trouble in quests and gameplay is doable, but since it's developed by Obsidian and has the Gamebryo Engine to 'back' them up, expect game crashes and random annoyances.

Regardless it's a fun game.

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@DeF said:

likes Elder Scrolls, likes Fallout 3

-> will like Fallout New Vegas

This. You kind of answered you own question.

I don't know how the 360 version is, but I played the PC version and had no game breaking issues. I would imagine the 360 version is fixed up by now, though I'm only guessing here. Someone else will probably give you a better answer.

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new vegas is more accessible than fallout 3. a lot of people are very polarized as to which does the whole post-apoc exploration thing better, but if he enjoyed fallout 3 i think you're good... unless he's gotten his fill already.

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new vegas is only $10 at best buy, can't go wrong at that price. I picked it up, don't really play it at all but if your bro really liked fallout 3 I think he would like it. I didn't really notice any bugs or anything.

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Most of the bugs with this game have been fixed, it performs about the same as Fallout 3 now(unpatched, it's a mess though). I think the characters in this game are better done than in Fallout 3, and a lot of the underlying RPG systems are more in line with the old Fallout games. Generally better, but DT can make certain weapons ineffecient as opposed to DR in Fallout 3(basically different ways of handling damage resistance, some enemies in NV are very strong against automatic weapons and shotguns). I kinda liked the wasteland exploration stuff better in 3, and I think 3 had better dlc, but I also think Old World Blues is pretty good, and New Vegas has a greater variety of weapons.

Oh, tell your brothers to save before entering the dinosaur (sometimes crashes and corrupts save, at least for me) and leaving the bunker in Hidden Valley(if crash, load earlier save, then load save before leaving). I also had a few crashes in Vault 22, that may also be a problem area.

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Strange question. If he like fallout 3 I see no reason why he wouldn't.

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I loved New Vegas. MUCH better than Fallout 3 if you ask me. It's ridiculously cheap now also, so it'd make a great $20 gift.

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