Item Loss after downloading Lonesome Road?

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#1 Posted by Colonel_Fury (462 posts) -

I just downloaded and installed Lonesome Road (ps3). Load up my save and my character's stuff is gone, at least the stuff from previous dlc. Anyone else getting this or just me?

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#2 Posted by rosebud04 (369 posts) -

i played it on the 360 and i didn't notice any major bugs.

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#3 Posted by rjayb89 (7811 posts) -

PC is fine and I just got talked at by Ulysses for like the third time.

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#4 Posted by Colonel_Fury (462 posts) -

I figured it out. Since I'm in Canada, I need to download the French and English version of it. Otherwise, the game gets confused. I guess they get 10 more bucks from me.

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