Lonesome Road Achievements On Steam

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Just as the title says, the achievements for the upcoming DLC can be viewed on Steam. I would advise against looking them up if you want to play the DLC in blissful ignorance.

The achievements hint that plucky little ED-E will have some of its (his?) backstory illuminated upon, that some sort of upgradeable explosive device is the "signature weapon" of the DLC, and that defusing warheads will somehow play into Lonesome Road's plot.
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Can't wait

#3 Posted by pweidman (2407 posts) -

Yep, bring it on.

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So excited for this DLC built up to it excellently in the main game, dead money and old world blues. I'm  really annoyed by thedelay especially after Obsidian came out a few days earlier and said it definitely wont be delayed.  
The achievements list suggestion that ED-E plays a key role suggests that when Ulysses says in his audio logs in OWB that "America sleeps at the divide" or something to that effect that he could mean the Enclave. I thought this at the time I heard it although I'm not sure about this if it does turn out to be true.

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