Lonesome Road on September 20th, 2 item pack DLCs a week later

#1 Posted by Prince_of_Space (83 posts) -

So we finally have a release date for Lonesome Road (hopefully in won't get mangled in those Gears of War). Who would have thought back on October that we would have had to wait so long to play all of the DLC, eh? I'm also intrigued by the item packs due on the 27th. The first one is just a compilation of those old pre-order bonuses. The second one, "Gun Runner's Arsenal" adds a bunch of new guns (including what looks to be a Bozar from Fallout 2), ammo, weapon mods, and recipes. The Bethesda Blog has some pictures and talks about the DLCs in greater detail.

#2 Posted by Tennmuerti (8174 posts) -

Don't really care for the new guns. There are plenty of those from mods, including the Bozar.
Hyped for the last DLC tho, everything has lead to the final confrontation at this point.

#3 Posted by Aishan (1023 posts) -

Doubt I'll be getting the item packs, but Lonesome Road can't get here soon enough.

#4 Posted by Prince_of_Space (83 posts) -

Here's a lil' update on the Gun Runner pack. It includes 27 new weapons, some of which are entirely new while other are unique versions of existing items, as well as new achievements and challenges. The pack was designed by New Vegas' lead developer, J.E. Sawyer, and is in his words, "not a shitty item pack." Of course, that's what any person would say about something they're trying to sell, so take his words as you will.

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I'm really confused here. Could someone enlighten me on these two extra DLC's for this game (Gun runners arsenal and the pre-order pack). Because they were actually released couple of days ago in my country, however, they are now gone. So i'm not quite sure what's going on.

#6 Posted by Prince_of_Space (83 posts) -

@FritzDude: What country are you from FritzDude? I haven't heard of any of these DLCs being leaked or sold early. It'd be pretty cool though, I'd love to see if that Gun Runner pack is worth the money.

#7 Edited by pweidman (2362 posts) -

Achieves attached to a gun pak is ludicrous. Anyway, I'll totally be playing LR on the 20th....not. I'll get to it though somewhere down the road, lolly.

#8 Posted by FritzDude (2273 posts) -

@Prince_of_Space: Norway actually. The pre-order pack was out for (if i recall) 320 Microsoft points, and the gun runners arsenal at (If i recall) 560 MSP. It was on the marketplace for a couple of days, but i didn't buy them because i didn't know anything about them, or if the price was right. Looking at it now - and after some research - i should purchased them at that time and leak out all of the extra weapons on the wiki, if it isn't already.

#9 Posted by Prince_of_Space (83 posts) -

@FritzDude: Wow, that was quite a missed opportunity, thanks for telling me about it.

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