New game, New character. What are you looking forward to?

#1 Posted by Alphiehyr (1083 posts) -

What i'm mostly looking forward to in this is:
Excessive gore. (More then the previous one)
More modern guns.

#2 Posted by Dustpan (1694 posts) -

The reputation system.
Companion quests.

#3 Edited by Allprox (567 posts) -

I'm looking foward to hitting every ghoul I see and to hopefully find one that will utter those famous words.

#4 Posted by rjayb89 (7729 posts) -

Looking forward to ghoul hookers and super mutant hookers.  And albino radscorpion hookers.

#5 Edited by RedSox8933 (2428 posts) -

I'm just happy that it's more Fallout. I was nervous that they were going to change a lot from Fallout 3, but from the looks of it they haven't.
Oh and maybe the landscape will be a little less bland.

#6 Posted by Skytylz (4039 posts) -

electricity and shitty graphics still

#7 Posted by Alphiehyr (1083 posts) -
@JustTheDoctor said:
" The reputation system. Companion quests. "
They already have that in FO3. Without doubt, it will definitively return... Unless you mean a better one?
#8 Posted by Dustpan (1694 posts) -
@Alphiehyr: You're thinking of the Karma system. I'm talking about the reputation system.
#9 Posted by Alphiehyr (1083 posts) -
@JustTheDoctor said:
" @Alphiehyr: You're thinking of the Karma system. I'm talking about the reputation system. "
So, what is this reputation system?
#10 Posted by Whisperkill (2969 posts) -

More fallout

#11 Posted by Skald (4370 posts) -

Killing Easy Pete and stealing his hat.

#12 Posted by Mikemcn (7028 posts) -

Exploration and the radio, i loved the music in the first game.

#13 Posted by Dustpan (1694 posts) -
@Alphiehyr: You can read about it on the Fallout: New Vegas page.
#14 Posted by Dustpan (1694 posts) -
@extremeradical: Do you think Easy Pete is a easy fight? *chuckle*
#15 Posted by Skald (4370 posts) -
@JustTheDoctor: If you sneak up on him with a shotgun, I would pretty much guarantee you the answer is yes. 
Of course this is Fallout, and Obsidian, so who knows?
#16 Posted by Alphiehyr (1083 posts) -

Since it's in Vegas, I hope there's going to be a large variety of outfits.

#17 Posted by NoahGene (2 posts) -

More cruelty, or a better script. Remeber when you blew up megaton, came back to see your carnage, and there's Moira Brown- completely
disfigured, yet happy as a clam? It would have been awesome if she was utterly distraut- trying to force tears from her cauterized lacrimal ducts, screaming, "Why? Why?" And then tell her that you did it for no reason whatsoever. Then decide whether to put her out of her misery...or leave her to rot.

#18 Posted by Mmmslash (2171 posts) -
@NoahGene: The fact hat she was still super cheerful is what made that whole scenario so great.
I'm looking for the Fallout of old, layered with black comedy and referential humor, and that was one of the few moments that Fallout 3 grasped that concept.
#19 Posted by Shirogane (3582 posts) -
That would be completely out of character for her. That girl is insane. 
Better graphics? Or at least, less dull and bland looking... 
Maybe a better melee system.
#20 Posted by Broitman (151 posts) -

Honestly I'm justing looking forward to what is essentially more fallout 3, you can only go through the last games and it's expansions so many times before you need something fresh and I still have my chem shakes telling me to play more fallout.

#21 Posted by Xolare (1285 posts) -

A Larger set of assault rifles.

#22 Posted by Tennmuerti (8174 posts) -

Proper dialogue and non asinine storyline.
Hopefully Obsidian will come through on their promises.

#23 Posted by DeathMinion111 (4 posts) -

More Fallout humor.

#24 Posted by Mrnitropb (2090 posts) -

the MEC Gauss minigun.

#25 Posted by weegieanawrench (1943 posts) -

I'd like to see mutated celebrities like Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley. Some new guns would be nice. And maybe a slightly longer campaign?

#26 Posted by Bigrhyno (505 posts) -

I'm most excited about seeing what the strip will be like.

#27 Posted by MrSnow (1213 posts) -

A new DOG

#28 Posted by Hailinel (25205 posts) -

An ending that isn't compromised by the fact that I should be able to avoid doing something incredibly hazardous when someone else much more suited to the job is standing right beside me, but I'm prevented from ever making such a common-sense suggestion.

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