Return of the Sheet Music Book?

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So while snooping around the wasteland I found a Sheet Music Book. Those of you who played Fallout 3 might remember that they were used for a sidequest. However, I'm nearing the end of my first playthrough of New Vegas, and I've yet to find anyone wanting the item even though I've explored most of the map. Have any of you found any use for the book, other than selling it?
Oh, and you can find it:

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Nope just sold it.
Does not appear to have any use in F:NV so far

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I'm still looking for someone who will give me extra caps for it... nothing yet.

#4 Posted by Mrnitropb (2131 posts) -
@tskunk said:
" I'm still looking for someone who will give me extra caps for it... nothing yet. "
Yeah, that's pretty damn lame.
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I get the option to ask Doc Mitchel about something that was stolen from him and he has a sheet music stand in his house... I'll need to go pick it up and see.
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Ah, cool. Keep me updated if you find out something! :)
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Honestly if at this point there is still no wiki info on any use for it in F:NV then it is very very unlikely any will turn up.
The wiki is pretty thorough for Fallout series since the game has a huge fanbase and a dedicated hardcore fan following too.
The game has been out long enough already.

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