Scrap Metal and Pre-War Books

#1 Posted by To_Ez_2_Own_U (32 posts) -

does anyone know if there is a use for scrap metal or pre-war books in New Vegas?

#2 Posted by NekuCTR (1663 posts) -

Dude, word. The second I started playing every last book and scrap metal I came across I picked up. It wasn't until about 5 hours in that I realized that I didn't know if they were even useful in this game.

#3 Posted by Jayross (2365 posts) -

Pre-war books also seem to be mostly worthless...

#4 Posted by guiseppe (2844 posts) -

I haven't played it yet, but I would guess that since they're in the game at all, there's bound to be someone around that will trade them for caps or something.

#5 Posted by Dustpan (1694 posts) -

You have to use scrap metal to reactivate ED-E in Primm. 

#6 Posted by Skunkboy72 (136 posts) -

you can always take it all and find a place to stash it.
I think Doc's house might be a good place to stash things, but I'm not 100% certain.  Maybe 75%.  I placed some items in a footlocker and fast traveled to primm and back and did some waiting and they were still there afterward.   Would be nice to get someone else to try that as well.

#7 Posted by Mrnitropb (2090 posts) -

You can melt scrap metal down for lead to re-load at benches. Not sure about books, but there seem t o be more of them here than fallout 3.

#8 Posted by zegolf (224 posts) -
@Skunkboy72: Everything should stay where you put it, for the most part, in main areas like that.  The persistence in Fallout seems to be pretty steady.
#9 Posted by solidwolf52 (302 posts) -
@zegolf: NPCs will occasionally pick up dropped items
#10 Posted by zegolf (224 posts) -
@solidwolf52: Those damn dirty THIEVES!
That's what makes these games so great, though, is the NPC interaction.  I wonder, if you kill them, will they drop it?

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