So how do I mod?

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I'm sorry I've never really been a guy who has wanted to do modding but from the sound of it modding greatly increases the fun of new vegas (plus I've alreadly played the original thing on ps3). However I have no freakin clue on how to do it and if someone could help me out I would really appreciate it!

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@Sackmanjones: Not entirely sure what sort of trouble you're having since it's relatively simple (depending on the mods of course) but essentially everything you need is over at the Nexus (who also cover other Bethesda games). It depends on the mod but most of them simply involve dumping the files into the "Data" folder in game directory, open up the launcher and tick the mod name (.esp) in the Data Files list.

Unless there's something in particular you want help with?

Edit: Oh wait you meant make mads as opposed to use them? I think I might have some guides bookmarked. Let me check if I actually still have them.

Edit: This site regarding the G.E.C.K. is a good place to start.

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@eroticfishcake: No I just had no idea where to even begin. So I download everything to the data folder and just open up a launcher? Also any suggestions on mods would be great!
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Don't download them into the data folder. Download them wherever you want then unzip and dump in data folder. Most all the kids on the nexus have Redme filed or descriptions of what you need to do to get it to run. Just take your time and read instructions and you will be fine.

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*mods not kids.... stupid autocorrect

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@Sackmanjones: Just about all mods have instructions in the descriptsions as well as a readme.txt in it which should be enough to explain everything (which you should look at it anyway regardless of your experience since there might be compatibility issues).

Just to give you an example though let's use Weapon Mods Expanded.

  1. Download the mod labelled under the "Main Files" section in the Files tab.
  2. Once you've downloaded, open up the RAR and you should see four files; meshes, textures, WeaponModsExpanded.esp and the readme.
  3. Extract all the files (except for the readme) into your FNV folder (C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas\Data).
  4. Open up the Fallout New Vegas launcher and click on "Data Files" in the menu.
  5. Tick the box next to the WeaponModsExpanded.esp in the list.
  6. Start the game.

It might vary from mod to mod but just about every mod follows these steps. Some mods only have an .esp file which is essentially a script.

As for recommended ones, I'll have to get back to you on that.

  • One mod I would recommend is FOOK, which fixes a bunch of bugs, balance issues and other things while keeping it lore friendly. As a fan of the original games I feel like this really adds a lot. Thing is, it requires the Fallout Mod Manager so get that first (check the description for installation instructions.)
  • Primary Needs HUD is handy if you're playing hardcore.
  • MTUI- Reduces the font size. Simple mod but incredibly helpful.

It's really a matter of personal tastes really. I use a lot of texture mods but really you should simply scan down the Top 100 mods and pick whatever tickles your fancy.

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@Sackmanjones: If you want to avoid manual mod installation, aka what file goes where, easiest way is to use NMM.

  1. Download and install Nexus Mod Manager. Run it once, so it finds your game folder. (This automates the mod installation, and it works on every Nexus mod site: FO3, FO:NV, skyrim etc.)
  2. Browse Nexus site until you find something interesting, then use the download with manager link.
  3. After the mod has been downloaded, activate it in NMM with the arrow on the left side.
  4. Play game
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@mmzOne@eroticfishcake Awesome thank you guys for the help. I definitely wanna get some texture mods to make it look pretty. Been awhile since I had a gaming pc
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I highly recommend watching Gopher's mod tutorials. While you can (and probably already have) just drag and dropped into the data folder - and that's okay with only a few mods - modding tends to... snowball. Which is wonderful, but it tends to sneak up on you. One day you'll be like "I want to play the game vanilla" and 2 hours later you'll be like "LET'S MERGE FREESIDE AND THE STRIP INTO ONE MAP"

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