Who did you side with in Fallout New Vegas

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NCR, I plan on eventually going back and going with yes man. 

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First time around, Mr. House. I eventually did them all, just to see the differences.

#4 Posted by IzzyGraze (869 posts) -

Yes man. I tried to be friendly with both the NCR and Yes man but that didn't work out the best.

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NCR...they seemed like the good guys at the time

#7 Posted by Brodehouse (10511 posts) -

Mr. House.  He can handle the high level stuff to actually make progress instead of just imitating the past, and the courier will take care of the moral necessities.

#8 Posted by Skytylz (4070 posts) -

NCR first time, I'm gonna go back and go with Yes Man, I hate the legion and they'll probably be the ones I try and screw over the most everytime.

#9 Posted by DrPockets000 (2875 posts) -

The Legion.  Of course.

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NCR, then I reverted to an earlier save so I can continue doing other stuff. I'm currently on another playthrough with Hardcore Mode on and I'm not quite sure who to side with just yet. I'm probably gonna download some mod that allows me to be in "Stealth Boy Mode" as long as I'm crouching and stuff, so I can breeze through the ending.

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Mr. House is a pimp.

He is like a crazy Walt Disney.
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It was a tough choice between Mr. House and Myself, but I chose to playthrough the first time siding with myself, it's what House would have done in my shoes. It was tough killing House, though, I liked him so much.
The third time I played through I sided with the Legion.
I didn't even finish my playthrough with the NCR. The NCR sucks.

#13 Posted by Animasta (14820 posts) -

almost everyone now (I'm doing a Caesar's Legion run now) but first I did Yes Man, for he is the Best Man

#14 Posted by Chocobodude3 (998 posts) -

The wasteland needs another Howard Hughes 

#15 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6116 posts) -
@LordXavierBritish said:
" Mr. House is a pimp.

He is like a crazy Walt Disney.

Crazy Walt Disney? You don't need to emphasize it.
Mr. House on my first playthrough and NCR on the second.
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Mr House seemed pretty intelligent and had the best Voice Actor so I helped him.

Also he reminded me of the legendary Howard Hughes.

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NCR the first time through, probably gonna go with Yes Man on my second run, cause that guy's cool.

#18 Posted by Marcsman (3376 posts) -

Everyone but the NCR. I could not take the glitches anymore. Or I would have done all four and gotten my second Platinum in the Fallout series.
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No choice for "independent?"
I wanted to go NCR, but a bug forced me to go independent:

When I completed "You'll Know it When it Happens," the NCR quest trail just stopped. Some of the NPC's continued to act as if the ending of that quest had not occurred yet. After some web searching I discovered that any hope of finishing the NCR quests was gone, apparently because of something unrelated I had done about 8 hours prior. I still had an old save, and could have gone back to it, but I would have lost the last 8 hours of work when I was already pretty close to the end. F that. 

Someday I plan to go back, restart (not in HC mode this time) and side with Mr. House. I still feel guilty for killing him.

Edit - doh! Yes Man = Independent. It's been a while since I played the game...
#20 Posted by Twiggy199 (554 posts) -

Yes Man, Dude can't lie...

#21 Posted by Pabba (413 posts) -

First playthrough was with Yes Man. Second playthrough was straight evil with Caesar. Now I'm on my third and going for NCR...

#22 Posted by MeierTheRed (5018 posts) -

Yes Man, first time

Legion 2nd
NCR 3rd

Never finished the story with Mr. House, i enjoy his death animation way too much.
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My save was breaking at an incredible rate so I just slapped that bitch on very easy and went with the first ending branch I came to. 
#24 Posted by Vodun (2393 posts) -

Mr House, total dictator but it feels like a post apocalyptic society needs a bit of that.

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I made a Character for each faction. For the best to side with is the NCR because they give a lot of support  to you when you increase you reputation with them you have an NCR Ranger  talk to you and gives you a 2-way radio that you can use to call for a solider , ranger or a supply drop which contains ammo, and sometimes medical supplies.
Yes Man DOSE NOT give you anything in the way of helping you in the world so keep that in mind but he is a rather funny robot unlike the other secureritrons.

Mr House Does give you caps for retrieving the "platinum chip" 2000 caps to be exact  and he does offer you 2000 caps for every snow globe you bring to him. 7 in total.

Now finally Ceaser's Legion. The legion are not  the most friendly people around new Vegas but get on there good side and they can be extremely helpful.
Get your Reputation high enough and you will be given a Quest. Follow the maker to around cottonwood cove and you should find 7 or 8 legion drop boxes on the side of the hill. look inside them to find supplies and legion money which is a way of given you caps becasue if you take you pockets of legion 'cash' to the casinos you can exchange them for chips them exchange the chips for caps

Hope this helps.


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#27 Posted by supaman900s (217 posts) -

I went with Yes Man, but I do have a save from right before I killed Mr. House, so I plan to go back and finish it siding with Mr. House and the NCR, siding with the Legion is not an option as I have been vilified with them long before my save I plan to go back to.

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NCR, plan on finishing with the rest when they come out with all the DLC on one disc.

#29 Posted by DrMcKittrick (264 posts) -

The only one I haven't completed is the NCR.  But my main save has me siding with Yes Man.  Throwing the general over Hoover Dam was classic.

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First time, I went with Yes Man, second time, I went with The Legion.  That was rewarding.  If you want to fast track multiple sides, just create a save when you get to The Strip for the first time.

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My first time, NCR
Second, Yes Man

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I was toiling between all of them. i went for Yes Man in the end because I thought they were all corrupt.

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Yes Man, although I kept waiting for him to screw me over. After all, he WAS Benny's securitron, and Benny is slick as hell. (I loved executing him in front of Caesar after he tried to have me killed again, then screwing Caesar almost immediately afterwards... it's so much fun to be a bastard in Fallout)

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Mr. House cus he is so pimp.. Hugh Hefner AI for President!

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Not done yet, but Legion. So far.

#36 Posted by JoeyRavn (5122 posts) -

NCR first, then Yes Man on my first playthrough. The Legion on my second, and now with Mr. House on my third.

#37 Posted by Sean2206 (271 posts) -

Nearing the end of my first playthrough siding with the NCR, I have a save from my arrival at the strip and intendto do three moreplaythroughs siding with each faction probably yes man next.

As I think Jeff said in the QL I find it very frustrating that the game forces you to pick sides relatively early on rather than allowing you to string the different factions along.  

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I had planned to side with the NCR, but the quest For the Republic, Part 2 bugged out on me, so I instead went with Yes Man.

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