shinjiex's Fallout: New Vegas (Xbox 360) review

A Much Better Paced Game

Sense everyone is using Fallout 3 as a example which make since  the game is after all built off Bethesda game engine 
so here are the things I think make New Vegas "Better" or refreshing
The focus is more heavy on the sub quest which are more interesting and better written 
Societies and faction are the main theme making the world more livelier
Characters and voice acting are more intriguing and have more depth an heart 
 Iron sight view is a nice new feature with new guns which look and feel more solid
The cool perks are back but there are also some ever cooler perks added to mix things up with that level cap by default is 30 no DLC required! but then again we might see it raised to 50! LOL
And gambling is always a fun pass time in sin city itself Las Vegas


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