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Fallout New Vegas the new rpg addiction

Fallout New Vegas is now released and i was really wondering if it was going to be brilliant as fallout 3 , since they use the same graphics and engine .

But the game is indeed a masterpiece since i wanted to play "fallout 3" but in a different location with different weapons perks and some other great surprises that you will find in the game . The feeling when i started New Vegas was the same when i started playing fallout 3 , a world that i really want to explore and it seems to be another huge world with many places to see and many things to do. I also like the balance of the new survival mode that makes you feel that you are a real human that needs food water in the wasteland of the Mojave desert!

From me the game is a 5 star and i am sure that all the fallout fans will spend lots of time on this game.

Well done Bethesda and Obsidian :)


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