Watch "The Atomic Cafe" if you like the Cold-War vibe in Fallout

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Just putting this out there for those that may have not seen it and might enjoy it, because it's back on Netflix View Instant right now.

"The Atomic Cafe" is a fantastic documentary about the rise of the Atomic Age, comprised from many sources of that era. There's no host or narrator, except for what was used in the original footage. It's a great glimpse into the general absurdity during that time in history, with the sense of children playing with nuclear fire. The humor within is not unlike that in Fallout; the odd dichotomy of imminent annihilation and a suger-coated post WW2 idealism.

Where ever you stand on the issue of splitting the atom, I hope you find it enlightening.

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Remember seeing this in the television at some point in television in the late 80s, early 90s. I remember it being pretty awesome... Should check if I can buy a DVD somewhere, no Netflix for Germans :/

Thanks for the reminder on this documentary!

Edit: Okay, I was able to order a R1 DVD from an American Marketplace Seller via Awesome, can't wait for this DVD to arrive...

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Sweet, there you have it.

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