Have I missed my stop?

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So I bought Fallout 3 and was in love the moment I stepped out of the vault and looked around at the landscape. 
Now, I've since completely finnished Fallout3 (With the exception of the crappy zurtog beta space ship or whatever that  DLC's called) and I've been wondering about buying the original Fallout that inspired the third one. 
I bought it on gog.com and loaded it up. watched the start video: "War... War never changes." etc. 
Made my character and started the game. 
I think I've been spoiled with good gameplay mechanics and fantastic graphic's. 
So because I never got to enjoy Fallout when it was released and am now unable due to self-harm-spoiling. 
I'd like to hear YOUR stories of your first time in bed with the original. 
I don't want people trying to convince me to play it, it ain't for me, I just want to hear your stories of euphoric pleasue and/or dismay at playing this game in 1997. 
What did you get giddy about? what annoyed you about it? What kept you up at night thinking about it? Or made you want to snap the disc in half? Everything you want to tell me.

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I played it before Fallout 3 was out and I thought it wasn't nearly as good as people made it out to be.
Of course, I didn't play it in 1997, so I guess I don't count.

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