Just finished it. Wow. *Spoliers Warning*

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I just finished fallout one and I was wondering whet happend in everyones endings (as the endings are dependent on your actions).

the hub was disbanded.
Junktown was peacefully controlled by Killian
The brotherhood became a 'peaceful' research facility.
The Ghoals created technology which they sold to others.
The raiders disbanded.
Shady Sands became new Califonia.

I think that's it.

I shot the overseer but, does that always happen?

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It doesn't have to. The end result has to be you walking North leading a ragtag brigade of survivors has to happen because that sets up the sequel, but if you shoot the guy or not is totally up to you.

Honestly though you really should. And have Bloody Mess while doing so. Makes that ending more palatable. Because really, this is a dark game all around. Endings included. Video Games are supposed to wrap things up nicely, and that's not how Fallout is. Which is great. I've seen most of the endings so it all blurs together but one thing really stands out.

Some places (Like the boneyard and the hub) have no good endings. It just ends. Or mutants come in and shoot everybody. Good endings really feel Good with a Capital 'G' by comparsion. The NCR wasn't going to happen if you didn't get in there and save Shady Sands and motivate the Brotherhood to protect it. That's what makes this such a great game, I think. The endings.

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I still remember my first play through of the game.  It was so different than anything else with the water-chip time limit and never really knowing where to head.  By the time I reached Necropolis the super mutants had taken over and I ended up captured and taken to the Lieutenant.  At first I tried with the sarcastic remarks, but it'd switch to game play where he'd smack and I was running out of HP.  So, I told 'em the location of Vault 13 which loads up one of the games best cut-scenes.

Second time through I had a better idea of what I needed to be doing, so I was surprised when Necropolis had no super mutants.  I think I got most of the "happy" endings, but it's been so many years and I replayed it a few times so I really couldn't say for certain.

Another great play-through was having 3 intelligence and picking night-person.  So, 2 INT in the day and 4 at night (enough to speak).  Let's you initiate some awesome "dialog" and also makes things interesting since your experiences often depend upon the time you arrive at a location.

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My character woke up and realized none of his homework ever got done because he believed Math, Science, English, and History will never again create anything as beautiful as Fallout, and still does.

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