What's your favorate weapon?

#1 Posted by BinaryDragon (775 posts) -

I think mine is the sniper rifle.

But I've heard you can get hold of an alien laser pistol that is out of this world (please excuse the pun)

#2 Posted by Celegus (83 posts) -

Yeah, you can get laser pistols and laser rifles. They're really good, and probably my favorite weapons in the game. Enemies just disintegrate, or get sliced in half - it's good stuff!

#3 Posted by AaronBelfast (1473 posts) -

Are you talking about the Fallout 3 weapons or weapons in general?

If you mean Fallout 3 then cant answer (Havent saw any footage)

#4 Posted by TheWesman (445 posts) -

I like that Heavy Weapon Laser Cannon thing.  I only got it once and died before I got to save it, but it was awesome.  My heavy weapons skill was low, so I was missing a lot, but when I hit, it blew my enemies clean in two!  You can't beat that.

#5 Posted by twenty0ne (3056 posts) -

What's the nuke launcher called again?

#6 Posted by Dr_Feelgood38 (1582 posts) -
twenty0ne said:
"What's the nuke launcher called again?
I'm pretty sure it's called "Fat Man." If we're talking Fallout, then I agree. If we're talking in general, scalpel.
#7 Posted by BinaryDragon (775 posts) -

Dude this is the Fallout 1 forum stay on topic here. Fallout 1 weapons only.

I have a personal love for the flame thrower, even if it means you often can't raid the bodies.....


#8 Posted by solidphoenix (293 posts) -

I have a great love for the Gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII.

#9 Posted by Bunnyman (220 posts) -

You can't loot burnt bodies? I can't recall ever having that problem. The plasma rifle (which in it's upgraded form is the most powerful weapon in Fallout 1) both burns and melts its victims but does not render them unlootable. But I must confess I mostly stay away from the extremely cumbersome, although cool (well...), flame thrower. A good burst from the minigun is my personal favorite.

#10 Posted by BinaryDragon (775 posts) -
solidphoenix said:
"I have a great love for the Gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII.
Dude. Fallout only. Fallout weapons only, only fallout ONE weapons. Please. Fallout stuff in the fallout one forum.

Vent over. Have a nice day.
#11 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2916 posts) -

Yeah, people just see the "favorite weapon" on the main board and dont even look at what forum it's for.

Anyways, brass knuckles!

#12 Posted by BinaryDragon (775 posts) -
TheGTAvaccine said:
"Yeah, people just see the "favorite weapon" on the main board and dont even look at what forum it's for.

Anyways, brass knuckles!"
Oooh good sugession... any one for the minigun or the shotgun on burstfire?

Fantastic death animations!!!
#13 Posted by VaultBoy (203 posts) -

I always liked the minigun.  You could get people doing the machine gun dance and I think you could also cut 'em in half with it.

#14 Posted by HombreGato (61 posts) -

The scalpel was my favorite in Planescape: Torment.  For Fallout I side with the Mauser because you keep it around in case you find ammo for it besides the bullets Gizmo fails to fire, but you never do.

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223. Pistol or maybe the turbo plasma rifle. :D

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