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Man, I love this game. I loved fallout so I thought I would take a look at its start, and I'm happy I did. The game was so free, I just couldn't decide what to do. The game can be rushed through (like I did) OR you could actually play through it and add 10000 times more fun to an already as fun as heak game. Yah it's "old", but where would we be today without games like this. I love the story, I love the atmosphere of the game, and I love just everything about it. Yah thier is a few graphic glitches, but you can get passed them easily. This, to me, is one of the best RPG's EVER! I would defenetly recomend playing it. It will be the most fun you have had on a 13 old PC post apacoliptic RPG game in a long time.
Posted by Theologian78

Spell-check my brother.

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