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Fallout 1 a Wasteland at war

Fallout 1 is the best Rpg you could get on the pc it is filled with choice that not only affect your stats but the game around your character and affect other characters views on you if go around pummeling kids with the super sledgehammer  your not exactly going to be loved by everyone.

The game Starts off when you (The Vault Dweller) must leave your vault that protected you from a nuclear fallout  in order to get a new water chip which is a computer chip that managed the water recycling and pumping because it has broken. After You do that your are also tasked with killing the Master a Super Mutant that Is Trying to use a Genetically engineer  virus to turn everyone into super mutants.The thing that is so special about this game is there are so many ways to complete the game even one where you don"t do any fighting and just talk your way though the game. in Conclusion ive you have a chance to play this game its a must for anyone that loves a wonderfully dark humored world with over the Top violence and so many choices it will make your head spin. 
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Less super than most, but still super

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