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After playing this game a lot more, I have found bunches of where I was wrong. I played it for like 25 mins and thought it was gay, but after beating it, I saw their was a lot I missed. The animation and graphics I still hate, I can not play this game for more than an hour without my eyes burning. The game itself is a fun experance, while I feel under pressure of the time limit, before and after the water chip, It is still one of the best RPGs I have ever played. The water chip and mutant attack give it a lot of the thril. I would say that the Master would be one of the top 50 most rememberable video game charactors I have ever seen. As a decade old game goes, this one has it all. It almost makes you feel you are their as the vault dweller pressing for the survival of you, and the vault. Their is a few problems I have like graphical glitches and shut downs, but it is a game every true gamer should play.
Posted by Weakandtired

Wow you can't spell nintendo.  What the hell?

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