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(Falsetto is a character in Eternal Sonata for the Xbox 360)


Falsetto has been a childhood friend of Jazz and is also close with Claves, together they lead the rebel group called Andantino. They are battling against Count Waltz; the main antagonist in Eternal Sonata. Eventually they (Falsetto, Jazz and Claves) meet up with Polka and her entourage of companions, they all team up and together go on with the adventure. Falsetto is a tough person and quite stubborn at times. However she means well and always keeps things in perspective.

She wears a simple yet elaborate blue dress. It's a very classic style garment yet has some comtemporary elements like the high stockings. Like all the other characters, she wears the same clothes throughout the game, because there is no alternative clothing options in Eternal Sonata. Her hair, which is short and gray, makes her look like a male at a quick glance;  but that's only if you were to see her head only.

Combat style

Falsetto uses brass knuckles in battle and has no long range moves. Many of her special attacks are devastating multi-hit combos and she is very good at building up echoes for the party. Her high movement speed, powerful attack strength and above-average defense make her a formidable frontlines unit; use her to 'tank' enemies. However all of her moves are offensive and she has no healing moves, but she's still a powerhouse. She is one of the better characters to use in Harmony Chains as her special attacks can do massive damage.


Falsetto in music terms refers to the second highest vocal register in singing ranges, right below whistle. This doesn't seem to match Falsetto as her voice is not high at all, but it still sounds feminine none the less.

The Japanese voice actor for Falsetto is Tomoe Hanba, the English voice actor is Julie Ann Taylor.

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