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The Family Trainer series, published by Bandai and developed by Human, was a ten part series of games that used the Family Trainer accessory, known in the US as the Power Pad. Of these ten games, five would find their way to the US with various different names.

Athletic World (JP) / Athletic World (US)
Released twice in the US as Athletic World, the first edition making use of a different peripheral. First of ten.
Running Stadium (JP) / Stadium Events (US) / World Class Track Meet (US)
Released twice in the US, first as Stadium Events (which used the same peripheral as the first Athletic World release) and again as World Class Track Meet with the Power Pad. Stadium Events is notorious as the rarest, and thus most valuable, US NES release. A cart recently sold in excess of $10k. Second of ten.
Aerobics Studio (JP) / Dance Aerobics (US)
Released in the US as Dance Aerobics. Unlike the first two games Aerobics Studio is purely intended for exercise rather than competitive play. Third of ten.
Jogging Race (JP)
Never released outside of Japan. A jogging simulator that also focuses on exercise and healthiness. Fourth of ten.
Meiro Daisakusen (JP)
Never released outside of Japan. In an unusual departure for the series, this action game is about exploring 3D mazes full of monsters. Fifth of ten.
Manhattan Police (JP) / Street Cop (US)
Released in the US as Street Cop. Another non-sports Power Pad game, this time the player controls a cop solving crimes. Six of ten.
Family Trainer Daiundoukai (JP) / Super Team Games (US)
Released in the US as Super Team Games. The series returns to its roots with this athletics game. Seventh of ten.
Totsugeki! Fuun Takeshijou (JP)
Japan-only game based on the popular obstacle course TV show Takeshi's Castle. Eighth of ten.
Fuuun Takeshi Shiro 2 (JP)
Japan-only sequel also based on Takeshi's Castle. Ninth of ten.
Rairai Kyonshi (JP)
Japan-only game based on the Japanese Rai Rai! Kyonshis TV show about jiang shi, the Chinese hopping vampire. Tenth of ten.

It should be noted that the eleventh and final game developed for the Power Pad, Short Order / Eggsplode, had no involvement from either Bandai nor Human and thus is not part of this franchise. Rather, that game was developed and published by Nintendo themselves and only released in the US.

Family Trainer: Athletic World (JP) / Active Life: Outdoor Challenge (US) / Family Trainer (EU)
The first in the revived Family Trainer series. The Japanese game shares the same name as the very first NES Family Trainer game. The series was rebranded as "Active Life" in the US.
Family Trainer 2 (JP) / Active Life: Extreme Challenge (US) / Family Trainer: Extreme Challenge (EU)
The second in the revived Family Trainer series. This game focused more on Extreme sports.
Family Trainer: Treasure Adventure (JP/EU) / Active Life: Explorer (US)
The third in the revived Family Trainer series. This game had mini-games that revolved around Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider-like archeological adventures.

Bandai would later relaunch the Family Trainer brand for a series of Wii games. These three games use a Wii peripheral similar to the original Power Pad.

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