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Tokuma Shoten, while a prolific publisher of video games, also published various other media as well including Studio Ghibli movies and magazines. One such magazine, Famimaga, covered Famicom games and produced six original puzzle games for the Famicom Disk System which owners of the magazine could play. These games include:

  1. Hong Kong - A points-based variant on Mahjong Solitaire (a.k.a. Shanghai).
  2. Panic Space - A game based entirely on laser reflecting puzzles commonly found in other games.
  3. All One - A variant of Sokoban in which a ladybug rolls over dice so that they all have the "one" side facing up.
  4. Clocks - A complex variant of Tetris in which clock faces depicting different times must be placed to form larger shapes.
  5. Puyo Puyo - The first game in the now legendary bean/slime-stacking series. Developed by Compile and based on characters from their RPG series Madou Monogatari.
  6. Janken Disk Shiro - A variant of Sokoban based on the popular children's game Janken (or Rock, Paper, Scissors).

All One, Clocks, Puyo Puyo and Janken Disk Shiro were the last four Famicom games ever published on disk, all in 1991/92. The peripheral was all but retired by the 90s.

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