100 things you've learned playing Far Cry 2

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#101 Posted by mxdirector (45 posts) -

205. contrary to what other games would have you believe, killing some one with a knife will cause them to scream.

#102 Posted by jakob187 (21732 posts) -

206.  Far Cry 2 is like Metallica's St. Anger:  you love it at first, but it slowly turns into hate...then after you put it away for a while and pick it back up, it isn't so bad after all.

#103 Posted by reiewer (1 posts) -

207. When you clear a guard outpost of all mercenary threat, they all magically re spawn 10 minutes later.

#104 Posted by NPBADGER (5 posts) -

208. One can find diamonds with a GPS

#105 Posted by Hughes (399 posts) -

209. I learned that at Wal-Mart, if the wrong pricetag is under a game and that pricetag is cheaper than the game is, you get it for that cheaper price. This is how I got Far Cry 2 last night for $19.96. Thanks, Far Cry 2!

#106 Edited by schizogony (977 posts) -

202: Everything in Africa gets dirty except those darn plastic lawn chairs 

#107 Posted by TheGreatGuero (9130 posts) -

210. I've learned what true misery is like.

#108 Edited by Conker (788 posts) -

203: There is only one radio station in Africa. Dis is Liberation radio! 
Far cry 2 is without a doubt one  of my favorite games of all time. 
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#109 Posted by noahrc (7 posts) -

40. There are hang gliders lying around Africa for anyone to use. 
41. If an animal runs into a parked vehicle in Africa, it will fall over dead. 
42. Cassette tapes sold in Africa only hold about a minute-long recording. 
43. People in Africa carry their uncut diamonds in briefcases that give off a traceable signal.

#110 Posted by luce (4045 posts) -

1098: Yo I just played in a map that was Grove Street from San Andreas. Wtf

#111 Posted by xMP44x (2193 posts) -
204: When the MP5 magazine is tossed to the ground, it will twist in an unusual manner unlike any other weapon.
#112 Edited by Aaox (1657 posts) -

205: Even one and a half years later, Far Cry 2 is still a fount of knowledge.

#113 Edited by FlamingPirate (1 posts) -

206. When you buy ONE gun from any gun dealer in Africa, you magically get enough guns in your armory to supply the entire Chinese Army.

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