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EDIT: This was supposed to be a blog (it is my blog section) and this was supposed to get posted here but I had to edit something quick and then when I tried to repost this it wouldn't let me post it here.

I'm going to try something new with Reviews, I'm going to list the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly as points for or against the game, my reviews have no score and are meant to be quick looks at the game to quickly and clearly point out its strong points, and flaws. This is my first review like this and your review of my review (Yo Dawg.....) would be much appreciated. :-D Please give me feedback on these so I can improve them and make them better each time I write them. 

The Good:
  • Nice animation work
  • Large open world with many different types of areas that blend together to make a believable place
  • Plenty of weapons, grenades, and explosives to destroy your enemy with
  • The voice acting, and dialogue is great
  • Self healing is exciting and just badass awesome
  • Weapon jamming/aging is a cool albeit annoying at times.
  • Graphics are great and the scenery looks stunning and beautiful.

The Bad:
  • Forgettable characters that don't have any personality
  • Plot moves along much too slowly
  • Fire Propagation isn't as great as the developers made it out to be
  • Trees, shrubs, and plants to fall apart or break when run-over or shot like they should instead they just bend and then return to their normal position
  • When accepting a mission from the UFFL or the APR (the two factions) their own men will attack. (Remember kids, friendly AI is hard to program)
  • No vehicle variety (All the boats are the same, and their are three types of cars, one that is just an SUV, and the other two are pretty much the same thing but have a different machine gun mounted on them.
  • All the weapons you pick up are severely rusted
  • Enemies weapons never jam
  • Enemies take too many bullets to kill
  • Enemies are predictable and will often do the exact same thing over again
  • Enemies can speed up their cars despite them going as fast as they can to catch up with
  • Stealth is impossible for as soon as you kill someone (even silently) all the other enemies in the area will know exactly where you are and begin to shoot you with extreme accuracy

The Ugly:
  • Main Missions are repetitive and forgettable
  • Missions taken from Cellphone towers are all exactly the same, and the person you have to assassinate and no association with the plot or a name, or even why he is to be assassinated
  • You can only unlock weapons to  purchase by destroying weapon convoys, which are all the same except they convoys appear on different corners of the map, and they just drive in circles
  • Weapons aren't satisfying to use, even the flamethrower is underwhelming. 
  • The game lasts for 25-35 hours depending on how fast you do the Main missions and how many side missions you do, but this game feels like it should've been 10-15 hours instead of 25-35 so it drags on for far to long.
  • Game shows you everything it has to offer in the first five hours.

Bottom Line: Far Cry 2 tried to hard and failed even harder in its execution making many concepts that could've made this game an epic, into flaws that only hurt the experience. 
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I hated the way they did the minimap where you have too pull out your map, it pissed me off that you had too come to a complete stop too see where too go because if you were running with the map out it just kept going off screen.

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This review was not good at all, you didn't write or explain anything but just write a list of complaints. Alos, the game is as repetitive as you make it. You can approach missions any way you want to and there's many different ways to approach and play the game which makes it enjoyable because there's an unpresidated amount of freedom which most other games don't offer. You have to be creative and imaginitive to get the most fun of Far Cry 2, the game has flaws but I found it an enjoyable and solid game.

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