Far Cry 2: a question or 2 about a bug

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Let me start from the beginning.....I finally got to play Far Cry 2, and Recently I have (in the first/northern part) completed ALL the side missions, got ALL the diamonds, and I did ALL the APR missions....BUT I couldn't do the UFLL missions, because the gaurd at the dorr dissapeared.....and thus killing a dozen or so hour save. I have since started a new save...but I was wondering A. has this happend to anyone else? and how often? (version doesn't matter for this question) and B. does installing the game on the 360 hard drive effect how common any bug happens? or at least noticed it?

thank you ahead of time,


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It's been a long time since I've played Far Cry 2, but I'm pretty sure that you cannot finish all missions for both factions.  Doing some missions for APR will close off certain missions for the UFLL and vice versa.  I don't think you encountered a bug at all, but I could be completely wrong.

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I know you can do all the missions for both factions, but I just couldn't move on in the story BECAUSE i couldn't get in the UFLL base

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i swear if no one answers these questions this would be like the 5th site i went to that no one answered :P just sayin

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