is it just me

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or does this game have the most retarded lobby system ever in the history of online multiplayer. my first problem is that you have to wait for the host to click ready for the match to start and every game i join the host just sits there and it can 5+ minutes before they click ready, it should be like any other game, when enough players join the match countdown timer starts. and why no matter what mode i try and play it always ends up as capture the diamond.
and the voting is fucked up too. votes for map change and shuffle team should only be allowed once, and if voted no thats it. i joined a match last night and i swear 6 different people kicked off a shuffle team vote. the 1st one is voted no so what the hell do these people think will happen the 2nd time. i quit the game after 5 minutes because people would not stop voting. just click ready and play the friggin game.

sorry for the rant but i could not believe how hard and awkward it is just to play a match in this game
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The fundamental problem is that people can sort themselves into teams with the "switch team" button. This leads to all the high-leveled players ganging up on the new guys to level up faster.

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