Odd problems, win 7?

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I have this really odd issue running FC2 on Win 7 Ultimate x64.
Everytime I exit a car or door or close the map, my guy aims down his sights for no reason and I have to right click it away. Not that annoying but it screws with the flow of the game.
My second problem though is that cars automatically reverse as soon as I enter them, so they are impossible to drive unless I drive backwards everywhere.
I tried running in DX 9 and 10 modes, I started it as Admin and in Xp sp 3 compatibility mode. I tried patching it and I tried changing the controls. Turning all settings to low, including turning off AA and Vsync. Finally I also tried disabling crossfire in CCC. Nothing helped at all.
I don't have any of the infamous FC2 Win 7 performance problems, runs fine on ultra in 1080p.
I have no idea what's going on, google didn't help at all, anyone have a similar issue? Or at least an idea what is wrong?

System specs.
Q6600 clocked to 2.8Ghz instead of 2.4
Crossfire 5770
4gb Corsair DDR2 Ram
Gigabyte p45 Ds3

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SIgh, figured it out. Lying behind the computer was a plugged in 360 gamepad. No buttons were pressed, but apparently just having it plugged in screwed with the game.

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bahahaha funny story bro.

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