So I'm about to trade Fallout 3: GOTY Edition for Far Cry 2...

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I don't really care about Fallout 3 in general anymore.  I finally beat all of the main quests for the DLC, and I don't have the slightest interest in playing that game again.  I have also wanted to try out Far Cry 2, but I've heard it gets just as repetitive as Fallout 3, so I want your opinion before I trade with the person.   
...and now, for something completely different:   

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if anything, you can find Farcry 2 for 20 - 25 $ now so you're better off just buying it. 

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Far Cry 2 is no where near as good as Fallout 3.
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Madness I tell you madness. Honestly far cry 2 is sort of fustrating, every check point you will have your vechicle shot. The graphics aren't realistic enough to immerse me to the sim like quality of the game where the levels are way too big to get to your next objective. Your trading quality games for a game that needs alot of improvment. Maybe just buy it used for cheap because you might one day want to play fallout 3 again with all the dlc content.
(Maybe I should of wrote this in the unpopular opinions thread where I won't get a ton of replies saying how it's the best game ever and then i'll quote gamerankings and no one will accept that even if I can prove it's not exactly a great game)

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I'm just posting in this thread to say I approve of your avatar. CRO HIGH FO LYFE, SON

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If you ask me, that would probably be the dumbest trade you could possibly do. Far Cry 2 is one of the most disappointing, aggrivating, and stupidest games I have ever played.

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Are you... I don't even. No. You shouldn't do this, cease with this madness. Trade Fallout 3 by all means if you really want to, but not for Far Cry 2.

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You'll regret it...

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Doesn't seem like a good idea.

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Well, if you are going to trade in one poorly controlling shooter, you might as well get another in return.

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Don't. Don't. Don't. In my opinion Far Cry 2 is extremely boring and definitely not worth picking up especially at the cost of Fallout 3.

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I liked Far Cry 2, but it was a very empty feeling game.

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Stay away from FC2. Dude, that game is total bullshit. I mean, there is some kewl moments when you're first starting out and kinda learning what FC2 is all about. But after two or three hours or so it's all the same, and all just super boring. Even if you're never going to play Fallout 3 ever again I still wouldn't have made that trade if I were you. 
Actually, the only good thing about FC2 is the map editor. That is just fun stuff, man.

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thats  a bad idea. far cry 2 is one of the most lame repetitive games red dead redemption instead...or something better dude. 

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You will either love Farcry 2 or you will hate it. No inbetween. I loved it. 
That said, don't do this trade. Fallout GOTY edition is pretty recent isn't it? I'd trade that in for something where you can get the maximum value for it. With a little digging, you could probably find FC2 for like $5 at the bottom of a bargain bin.
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I tried to pick it back up recently and was marveling at how long I had spent playing such a terrible, terrible game. I will say it has it's moments. Every 10 hours or so.
Also, NHK ftw.

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Far Cry 2 is really boring.

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just buy it 
should be cheap but be warned, it does get boring and repetitive

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I played it for quite a while. It eventually got boring, and constantly being shot at got annoying as hell, and I just stopped playing. I'd probably have finished it if my computer could run it (it was on a Steam sale for some insanely low price). Plus, every "rusty" gun I had jammed constantly (you'd think they made them out of metal and mud), and the guns wore out too fast from what I can remember. Plus, Malaria. Fucking Malaria. That's one of the things that kinda drove me from the game. It felt like I was on some kind of invisible time limit even when just free roaming about. Were you able to get infinite bottles of the Anti-Malaria drugs? I never did find out.
Eh, though if you can get it really cheap, why not? It did most things well. Still hated that everyone shot at you aside from like, six friends.

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I would say thats a bad move.  I wanted sooooo bad to like that game, but it really started to just annoy me after a while.

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No, you fool, don't do that! Trade it in for a good game, like Oblivion (or even Morrowind) if you haven't played those already. Far Cry 2 is not a good game.

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@  Lucien_Lachance
And I am here to say I approve of yours.
Never thought I'd see anything from that movie again. Holy Mountain can't be put into words.
EDIT Ah yes about the topic, do not get FarCry2, just don't.
Make a new char in Fallout3, and gimp it somehow, you'll have more fun.

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FarCry 2 is a brilliant game, well worth the purchase. Just don't treat it like a typical FPS (shoot wildly at everything and run towards the next level) and you'll be fine.

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A friend of mine calls this game: Far Drive 2. 'Cus that's what you do most of the time in the game, drive...

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Far Cry 2 wasn't worth the plastic it was burned on.

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Don't worry; I'm not trading Fallout 3 for Far Cry 2.  It just sounds like a bad trade regardless of the type of game Far Cry 2 is.  I have read through most of these responses, however, and now I'm curious as to how repetitive the game is.  If it's as repetitive as Assassins' Creed, then I won't touch this game with a 10' pole!

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