Your Far cry 2 maps (360)

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i love the far cry 2 map editor , but the thing that bugs me is that when i spend mad amounts of time on a map so i can play it, I WANT TO PLAY IT, but when people are looking at player matches to join they will skip over the maps with only you in it and no downloads so its all very hard to get people to download your maps that are probably way better than all the maps with 5000 downloads that are just copies of each other.

so i think it would be cool if you post your 3 favourite maps you made to try and get the downloads started. ill get it started (no particular order)

1) heartland 
2) high noon
3) rebellion           (gamertag KevinSupreme)       come on giant bombers!!

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My friends and I have Far Cry 2 and Far Cry nights about twice a month.  Some of us make new maps for everyone to try and we fill in the rest of the play list with new maps from the "recently added maps".  There are some really cool maps out there that have zero downloads, of course there are some pretty bad ones too, but it's always nice to find something to add to our favorites.  Feel free to send a friend request with a note saying you're from GB and I'll send out a message to anyone interested in joining our next Far Cry 2 night (or Far Cry if you have both).

GT - FrogFang
1) FortTown
2) Double Cross
3) Pirate Cove 2

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alright awesome :D im gonna dl yours as soon as i can

#4 Posted by v2xJFresh (142 posts) -

1) wet work far cry 2 style

made another cant remember the name of it
gamer tag is v2 x J Fresh

#5 Posted by Bubahula (2224 posts) -

do you like making maps for playing, or kind of " concept over quality maps" like maps of giant monsters and stuff.

#6 Posted by HarkHysteria (2 posts) -

HH Ivrytoma
HH Hollenberg
HH Vietcooged

#7 Posted by Mojo (38 posts) -
@Bubahula:   I'm more of a maps for playing maker.  Some of the "concept" maps are cool but they don't play well most of the time.  But that's just my preference.  We'll give any new maps a chance though.

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