random_guy23's Far Cry 2 (PlayStation 3) review

Far Cry 2 is a solid action game, although it's not amazing.

I started playing Far Cry 2 a couple of weeks now, and I have realised that for the six pounds that I paid for it was damn good value for money. This game is pretty huge, and you can invest over 10 hours playing this game. Far Cry 2 is an open world shooter with a lot of the game based on realism. For example, if you are driving around, and someone shoots at your car, you have to manually repair it. If you get shot up in the middle of combat, you have to literally perform battlefield surgery on yourself just to get you back to good health. These realistic set pieces work sometimes, but most of the time, they are pretty tedious. For example, the combat in the game is pretty weak. Once I found myself in front of a guy with an AK-47. He pulled off the whole clip into me, yet I still managed to survive. If this game try's to be as realistic as possible, why wasn't I killed right there? These strange things bugged me throughout the game. Also, the world in Far Cry 2 is big. It is really tedious getting from one spot to the other, becuase at every guard post scattered around the world, people shoot at you. It is really annoying and one of the things I really dislike about this game.
On the positive side, Ubisoft's work on the Dunia engine seems to have paid off. The world really feels alive, with really nice textures, lighting, depth of field and all that sort of graphical nonsense. This game also features live animals that you can acutally shoot. When I shot my first zebra, I thought that due to the games realistic style that I could eat it or do something crazy with it. Sadly, I could only just kill it. Disappointing, I know. 
Also, fire works really well in the game. You have a flamethrower as standard, which is really cool, so you can burn as much stuff as possible. The fire does propagate in the game, which is a nice touch. 
So, overall, Far Cry 2 has it's ups and downs. Three stars.
Graphics - 4/5
Gameplay - 3/5
Sound - 5/5
Value - 3/5
Overall - 3/5

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