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Hello, Far Cry 2. Sit back and relax.

Far Cry 1, needless to say was pretty freaking awesome and appealed to almost everybody. If you like blood and gore, it was for you, you like pretty graphic, it was for you, if you like man eating beasts' with a crazy sick disease, it was no doubt, for you. Far Cry2 is pretty much completely different from the first ones. There's no crazy rabid animal powers, your just a man, in war-torn Africa. But does that really hurt Far Cry 2?

Short answer no, long answer, hell no. Far Cry 2 has a rather weak story. Well, at first, I was really liking it. Your just a lonely mercenary looking for some jobs. But after you got to act 2 the story becomes kinda odd and I've yet to really find out what the hell is going on. I will say that at beginning of the Singleplayer, it's really not fun--at all. But after you struggle past the first couple of hours, it really starts to become incredibly enjoyable.

Ubisoft promised us human-like AI and that is what we got. While your in battle enemies will flank around you and start to snipe you from far distances'. But sometimes, the "realistic" AI is sometimes as annoying as a 12 year old girl listening to a Jonas Brother song. It's good but sometimes it's too good. You'll occasionally just be walking down the road and boom, your getting pummeled by a truck and you have to start at your last save point. And that happens way to often.

Another thing that happens way to often is the battles. There's a load of just plain random battles. Mainly at Guard Posts though. The battles at Guard Posts are fun at first but get so tedious after a while. You can't really avoid them either. Your gonna a run into around 2 or 3 every mission that involves driving to a place

The graphics and environment design is beautiful and all but it sometimes has some bland pop in textures. It's kinda tough to really describe the color, I like it, but it's a dense grayish color. The only real great beauty of the game is the fire. Which is incredibly good. With just a shot of a flare gun you can cause an entire field to burn like crazy.

The length of the game is around 30-50 hours which is very good considering most of the recent games are just like from 5-10 hours. And besides the main storyline there is loads of sidequests and +200 diamonds to find. If your wondering what diamonds are for, they are the currency for these parts. You see, cash is useless, rough diamonds are de shiznit.

One thing that has always been big in the Far Cry franchise is the map editor and its back!...and not so better than ever. In my mind, Far Cry Instincts Predator done it so much better. But for some odd reason they made the camera one of the most frustrating camera angles ever. Well, after you work with it for about 3 or 4 hours it gets better, but there is a lot more map editors out there that have done it better than this. Stick to LittleBigPlanet kids.
Singleplayer: 4 stars

Far Cry 2's multiplayer is really just another multiplayer. There is honestly nothing special about this that'll make you go away from something like CoD 4 or Gears of War 2 or anything like that. There really isn't to much lag which is good but still, they should've added more MP modes to spice it up a little bit more.
Multiplayer:3 stars

Like I've already stated, the MP is fair and the singleplayer is great. I was kinda disappointed with the lack of co-op (How many times have you heard me say that before?). My estimated time for the game would be 3 weeks - 2 months
Re-Play value: 4 stars.

Its been a while since the last Far Cry game and many people have been anticipating this for years. I just want to say, the wait was worth it! Buy it!
Final Score: 4 stars.

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