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A few weeks ago I had beaten all the holiday season games and had nothing to play.  My older brother said that he had just beaten Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3 on the PC and that Far Cry was ok and that Fallout 3 was garbage.  So I went and bought Far Cry 2 since he had a few good things to say about it. 

The game is about a mercenary who is sent to Africa to kill The Jackal, an arms dealer who is arming both fighting factions in the country.  Before you start the game you are able to choose what character you want to be, but it does not mean much at all since you never talk or you see your face.  Which isn't a bad thing, but I did not see the point in having to choose a character who might as well be faceless.  Early in the game you get malaria and have to treat it throughout the game by doing missions for people who have pills, who usually only give you about two, including this mission there are only about four others. 

  1. Rescue a merc who then becomes your buddy( they give you alternate ways to do missions and can save your life if you lose all your health)
  2. Go kill random african soldiers because the mission giver said so.
  3. Kill random people because the gun shop sales man said so.
  4. Kill random people in suits because someone calls you and tells you to.
Because of the lack of mission variety the game gets old very fast.  The main source of transportation are vehicles that are found in the world and you can steal without anyone caring.  When they break down you pullout your socket wrench and tighten a bolt on the radiator and magicly fix it.  Its things like this that bother me about this game.  The game seems like it tries to be very realistic in some areas like having no cross hairs on the screen, a dissapearing hud, in game map, degrading weapons, spreading fire, but then I pull out a wrench and tighten a bolt to fix my broken jeep?  Or when I am working for one of the factions and their men still attack me, the game just covers up the laziness of the developers by saying im under cover instead of making a friendly AI system.  Things like that take away from the realism of the game and ruin the expeirence. 

While playing the game I incountered some game ruining bugs, for example I had a mission to park a truck in a garage so that I could blow the garage up,  when i pulled into the garage I must have pulled to far into the garage so the drivers side door was bloocked by a pole, instead of clipping through the pole i was sent on top of the truck and got stuck in the roof.  Another time was when I was in a jeep with a greneade launcher attachment and was being attacked by another jeep, I got up into my grenade launcher and fired at their keep that was right in front of mine and destoryed their jeep,  the explosion should have destroyed my jeep but for some reason it did not. even though the game thought i should be dead I was not, so I could not get back out of the jeep or move the turret. I was just stuck in the back of my jeep and had to load my last saved game.

So enough with the negativity, time for some positives.  The stuff the game does well is awsome.  The games graphics are amazing.  The game looks its best when its mid day and the sun light shines through the trees as you drive through the jungle.  They did a really good job with it and I have no complaints about the graphics at all except for a few cases of slowdown.  Towrds the begginging of the game I wanted to use stealth to kill my enemies, that was until i found the grenade launcher.  Blowing stuff up in Far cry 2 looks amazing and is the most fun I have ever had blowing something up in a game.  The gunplay in Farcry 2 period is amazingly fun.  There is nothing better then lobing four grenades into a guard post and watching two jeeps fly into the air while buildings blow apart and fire spreads across the dead grass.

But the awsome gameplay can not save the repetitive mess the game actually is.  I could not take the game seariously no matter how hard it tried.  I could not get into the charecters who I would eventually just kill anyway after someone else asked me too.  I had fun in the begining but by the middle I just wanted it to end.

Posted by Duke_Lion

What? I gave the game two and a half stars, not full!

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