ferginator4k's Far Cry 2 (PC) review

One of the most unique games in the last couple of years-

Far cry 2 is a difficult game to classify, on a base level it is a first person shooter but is also greatly enchanced and
influenced by open world games like Elder Scrolls and GTA.
It also blurs the line between PC and Consoles by Having Collectables (usually a console gamer thing) and a dynamic open
world (usually a pc gamer thing).
It is also unique in the fact that as a sequel, it shares nothing with its predesessor than the fact that its a first
person shooter, all these factors make Far Cry 2 easily one of the most unique games in the last couple of years.

One of The First Things you'll notice about Far Cry 2 is that it Looks Stellar, this is Partly Because the game
Runs on Crytek Engine 2, but mostly because of the care put into bringing Far Crys Depiction of a war torn Africa To Life.
These Spectacular Graphical Elements are Strongly Supported by Far Cry 2's Soundtrack, which is Full of Music that is
Enjoyable to listen to as well as Sounds African, which helps add to the Immersion Factor.
Speaking of Immersion another Great Strength of Far Cry 2 is that it Uses Minimal Hud elements and is full of smart design,
 such as replacing a map screen with an animated map that you character holds up.

The Story of Far Cry 2 is another Very Unique element of the game, And it places you as one of 10 or So Mercenaries sent
into a region of africa to eliminate a deadly arms dealer known as the Jackal.
Things immedietly go wrong and you are left to side with one of several mercenary factions in order to find someone who
can lead you to the Jackal.

The Combat is fairly good by todays Standards but benefits from Very Good Physics and an excellent weapons unlock system
that is linked through doing missions and exploration.
The Game also features Spectacular explosions and it also holds the title of the first game to ever ton Fire Right, with
Fire Burning and Spreading Realistically making it a weapon that you can emply against foes.
To Compliment these weapons is a good variety of Vehicles from Jeeps, suv'S And Boats to Hangliders and Drag-racers(wierd i know). The game even adds to its immersion factor by having You having to repair damaged vehicles, thankfully this doesn't involve a QTE.

To Sum it up Far Cry is easily one of the most unique games released in recent years as it succesful merges great elements of open world
and shooters as well as blurs the line between console and PC games which is a huge achievement, So i highly recommend the game for a great immersive and fun gaming experience.


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