Michael Biehn interview.

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I haven't played Blood Dragon yet, and honestly, while it's most likely fun, and I love 80's stuff, I'm not extremely interested in it, though I know I will play it at some point, but I just wanted to bring this to attention for anyone interested. It's a podcast interview, with Ted Price talking to Michael Biehn about, well, games and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. I've never listened to this podcast before; I only wanted to hear it because I like Michael Biehn in Terminator and Aliens. He has some prolonged uhhhh's in there, but bear with it :P.


It'll tell you below on the page where to click to listen to it.

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Struggles through the interview and goes around in circles a fair bit, but things get unintentionally brilliant when he talks about his surprise on how well-received the game has been already in comparison to his other voice work:

"I did an Aliens game last year and no one really talked about it very much. No one ever really came up to me and said 'that Aliens game is really good' or whatever."

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@evilnights: Yeah, I agree. I should have listened to the entire thing before putting it up instead of while I was in the middle, so you're exactly right with your statement, but still, I thought it was good enough to keep up.

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