Seems to be a buggy mess...

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I've had it CTD 6 times in 111 minutes of playtime, and one time it froze so badly I couldn't pull up my task manager and my computer actually BSOD'd. I've had to quit it 3 times because the frame rate inexplicably dropped from consistent 40 FPS to under 5 FPS and wouldn't fix itself. Even though I have it installed on my SSD for some inexplicable reason the main menu takes upwards of two minutes to load.

Really would like to enjoy this game but just a warning, if you're thinking about getting it on the PC, I honestly can't recommend this game in the state that it's in.

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Damn. I've got it on PC and have had no such issues. Sucks, duder.

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At least you can play it. I tried to play it and kept crashing at startup. Checked the integrity thing with steam and 55 files failed to validate, and then after those downloaded it happened again and now I had 50 files to reacquire, so I deleted the whole thing and downloaded it fresh...and now I have 50 files I need to download again.

It seems most of the people are playing it fine. Oh well, guess I'll wait another hour for this to finish downloading and try again.

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Very odd, got the game at launch from steam & running on win 7 (64 bit) & ATI card with little problem apart from the Ubi servers trying to connect (on the menus) when they might not have been up. Could it be some driver/graphic card issue? Hope it gets fixed soon as it's worth the time to play it.

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Did you guys also have issues with Far Cry 3? Seems strange that you would have problems with this which is essentially the same game/engine.

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Floyd crapped up the master program again didn't he. First FEZ and now Blood Dragon. Has to be Lightcycles.

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Hmm, seems like there's some driver issues because it crashed to desktop when I tried playing it just then, same thing happened with Far Cry 3 but they were gone after a NVidia driver update. It's also not running very well, I get like 15FPS out of it whereas in the original game I usually get about 30FPS. Hope the next driver update will improve the performance and fixes the issues.

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I have the same issues I had with Far Cry 3 (which isn't really surprising). Works perfectly fine but after a while the sound starts making an odd popping noise (I guess that's the best way to describe it) and the the stuttering begins. Framerate sticks at around 60fps or so, but it feels more like 20fps. I've barely played Far Cry 3 because of it but I figured I would take a leap of faith with Blood Dragon, especially since it's a shorter game so I won't have to put up with it as much. I dunno, though, it's pretty bad. With all the game and driver updates it's disappointing it still hasn't been fixed since the stuttering seems to be a fairly common issue.

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That's odd. I'm also playing on PC and I haven't had any issues is the handful of hours I've put into the game. Playing on Win 7 with Nvidia card, as well. It's both played and looked great for me. Sorry to hear that you're having problems.

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Decided to try installing it on a smaller hard drive and it totally worked. Saw someone on the steam forums mention that it needs to be on a drive that is less than 2TB max, so I put it on a smaller drive.

Played for about two and a half hours, and the only issue I encountered was that the still-frame cutscenes lagged behind the audio until I turned PostFX (or whatever it is) to low. Other than that (and the pain to get it to work), it's played just fine, like Far Cry 3. I fucking love everything about it so far.

If they eventually put resetting the garrisons into the game, that would be amazing.

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While I love the crap out of this game, I've had it crash once. Had a horrible "Blood Dragon servers are offline" message which wouldn't go away for 2 minutes. I see textures vanishing a lot leaving behind geometry/faces (which is kinda cool) and trees de-rezzing when I get too close to them which is annoying if you're trying to shoot someone behind the invisible tree. Of course I just run around the tree, or jump over it and stab the fool anyway. The only really bad thing for me is It has failed to save several times which meant I had to re-do some things; specifically hunts.

Also the F11 key is a piece of crap in this game. Don't hit it, ever. While it somehow lets you skip the tutorial, it ruins everything else. This should also tell you I'm playing the PC version. :3~

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The game is solid and has been solid for 90% of PC gamers, including FC3 since its the same code. Most people on the boards complaining about CTDs and artefacting and so on just needed to update their drivers or make sure their GPUs were in good condition, so try that.

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I had no issues with the PC version. Played though the entire thing and did all the side stuff. Maybe it's your video card drivers?

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Played through the entire thing with no issues.

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Played through the entire thing with no issues.

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It's called bad karma for spoiling Bioshock Infinite in a certain group PM, bitch. Hope you reap the benefits of nothingness that you deserve.

Oh, and no issues on PC on my part. Sucks for you.

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Its certainly alot more stable than far cry 3.Until 1.03, it never really worked correctly with ATI cards. But to solve alot of problems. If your puter is BSOD'ing while playing the game? Its likely an overclock. What I highly reccomend doing. Go to documents-my games- blood dragon. In the config .xml file, turn SSAO off. It does very little to anything in Blood dragon, and robs you of an average of 13fps.

Far Cry 3 never really liked overclocking all that much. So if you have, tone it down alittle or even to stock speeds. OH! And I'm not going to say update your drivers. But I do highly reccomend uninstalling all your current drivers, and reinstall the newest ones. Max Payne 3 would crash every 10 minutes on me unless I did this every single time.

Essentially- BSOD? Most likely overclocked too high or driver issue. Sounds a bit weird, but your SSD can cause it too. I highly highly doubt this, but it has happened. If your SSD has to push out gigs of data, at the speeds it does for HOURS at a time. They can have weird memory dumps. Thats why I don't usually like to play games off SSD drives, but for the most part- theres no issue.

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I bought it on Pc and have had no issues at all. It actually runs better than Far Cry 3, but I'm sure that's due to it's smaller scale.

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@geirr said:

The only really bad thing for me is It has failed to save several times which meant I had to re-do some things; specifically hunts.

Played a couple of hours just dicking around when it first came out and have just gone back to find that none of the progress was saved and I'm right at the beginning again.

Not an uncommon problem according to the Ubi forums as it seems the game doesn't save for at least the first hour until you complete the first mission and you can't manual save until you complete the first mission. To say I am bit pissed off is an understatement. Nice to see that even after that it can still lose autosaves like you have had happen.

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The game froze on me in the Dam Mission, which was the last mission I attempted to play. The game ran buttery smooth though as I did all the Garrison Takeovers, side missions, and collectible findings. Sucks that the game keeps freezing on you, but it's just one of the downsides of PC gaming.

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Forgot about this thread...

After I got it working initially, I ran into zero problems playing it. No freezes, or game breaking glitches, or lag or anything, really. Crazy awesome game.

The ending was incredible, and I feel bad for those who encounter problems that affect how they enjoy the game.

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I'm having a weird issue where the game will black screen after leaving the Map or Menu ingame. It might be a DX11 thing because I can't figure out why else it would happen. I'm unable to force quit the program and actually have to restart the computer altogether.

Though it could be an SSAO problem. It only happened after I started using that... interesting. Thanks @thechronodarkness I can't seem to find the config.xml

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As others have said, I played it on PC and had zero issues. Good game and well worth the price of admission.

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I picked up this game on the Steam Summer Sale. Installed it, played it for an hour. Now when I try to boot it up it stays on the "Tracking" screen forever. Every time. Haven't found a fix yet.

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