100+ Things You've Learned™ Playing Far Cry 3!

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#1 Posted by Mike (14593 posts) -

Hello Giant Bomb community! Here we go again in the long-running Things You've Learned series!

Remember, please do not post any spoilers, and try to keep the numbering consecutive if at all possible...it'll save me a ton of work. Also, try to read through the thread before replying and avoid posting duplicates, those will be deleted eventually. If you've never played before, check out some of the previous threads so you can get an idea of how it's done.

1) Burned over 90% of your body in a brush fire that you started...with a flamethrower? No problem, just quickly wrap a little bandage around your arm and you'll be good to go!

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#2 Posted by Wolfrum_920 (111 posts) -

2) Bears can take shotgun shots like champs!

#3 Posted by Linkster7 (1107 posts) -

3) You never know when a alligator is gonna bite you in the ass

#4 Posted by Timing (634 posts) -


#5 Posted by ShaggE (7308 posts) -

5) Frat boys were right all along. Tribal tattoos DO make you a badass.

#6 Edited by Rasmoss (525 posts) -

6) All the hunting nonsense about choosing the right caliber rifle and everything is complete BS. Just pack up a pump shotgun and your trusty AK and go to town.

#7 Edited by Legend (2700 posts) -

7. If you find yourself in need of a new gun, find a radio tower and fix it. Shops will then give you a new gun for free!

#8 Edited by Jace (1136 posts) -

8) It only takes one video game character that's young with money to make some people in the gaming community of Giantbomb classist hypocrites.

#9 Edited by mattdragn (93 posts) -

9) The only way to hunt bears is with a grenade launcher.

#10 Edited by JacDG (2138 posts) -

10) Dubsteppy-reggae music is hot and goes in perfect sync when you a destroying fields of weed!

#11 Edited by punkxblaze (3018 posts) -

11) There's never just ONE komodo dragon.

#12 Edited by Abendlaender (3009 posts) -

12) NEVER assume that there isn't a tiger just behind you, ready to eat your face

#13 Posted by Rasmoss (525 posts) -

13) Wear a rubber or it will hurt when you piss.

#14 Posted by MikeJFlick (452 posts) -

14) All pirates love to keep wild animals caged up in their base camps much to their dismay when they accidentally get released.

#15 Posted by pandorasbox (318 posts) -

15) doesn't know how to count beyond 4, and doesn't know that crytek hasn't developed a farcry game beyond FC1.

#16 Posted by DoctorDanger99 (745 posts) -

16) Its Like The Beach:The game. Only with less dicaprio and more Robert Carlyle.

#17 Edited by Tennmuerti (8520 posts) -

17) When a silenced sniper bullet kills a dude no one notices until they find the body.

18) But if you should miss - the entire camp is going to know the exact direction and position where that silenced sniper shot came from even if you're hundreds of meters away in a bush.

19) A bear ravaging through an enemy camp is fun.

20) A bear that is on fire ravaging through an enemy camp that is also on fire is more fun.

21) With proper tattoos and on with certain drugs Jason Brody can run faster then Usan Bolt. 1.5x faster in fact (rough estimate) and over a much longer distance then 100m. Jason can basically outrun a car!

#18 Posted by Extreme_Popcorn (846 posts) -

22) Gliders are by far the most deadly thing on the island

#19 Posted by DoctorDanger99 (745 posts) -

23) Dennis is played by Will.I.Am.

#20 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

24) Shooting a bamboo cage anywhere will cause it to unlock itself.

#21 Posted by ShaggE (7308 posts) -

25) Cassowaries are assholes, and they will wreak havoc given half a chance.

#22 Posted by Grillbar (1994 posts) -

26) that the definition of insanity is not only doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result but also asking that question over and over again.

27) plant racism, no matter what plant you get as long as its the same color it and only do the same as other plants of that color.

28) nobody cares that your running around with 119 stolen rare relics and is about to steal the last on on the entire island

29) the skin of a bear fills as much as a leaf

30) small scratches on you left arm or dislocated you right thumb is the most common injure when shot mauled or set on fire

#23 Posted by DoctorDanger99 (745 posts) -

31) Apparently you CAN have too much money.

32) Carrying more than one gun is impossible

#24 Posted by Fobwashed (2587 posts) -

33) The skin of an animal is actually on the inside in a concentrated lump.

#25 Edited by kishinfoulux (2884 posts) -

@punkxblaze said:

11) There's never just ONE komodo dragon.

Oh god this. I got fucking swarmed by them.

34. Despite having no formal military or combat training, Jason seems to have a very particular set of skills; skills he has acquired over a very long career. Skills that make him a nightmare for people like Vaas. If you let his friends go now, that'll be the end of it. He will not look for you, He will not pursue you. But if you don't, he will look for you, he will find you, and he will kill you.

#26 Edited by VisariLoyalist (3092 posts) -

35) If you try to pick lily flowers from the waterfront a crocodile is going to suddenly without warning grab you by your mid section and pick you up into the air flinging you about as you die a terrible painful death. Thankfully I learned this by witnessing an innocent befalling such a fate, I sniped that croc in the face and took his sweet hide.

36) This game changes you man...

#27 Posted by Mike (14593 posts) -

37) Remotely detonated C4 can be a much more effective hunting tool than a scoped rifle.

#28 Posted by jerseyscum (1085 posts) -

38. Guns for show. Knives for a pro.

#29 Posted by Gruff182 (1010 posts) -

39) Tigers are shit at being on fire.

#30 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

40) The proper only way to land a hang-glider is by painfully crashing into something.

#31 Posted by warxsnake (2720 posts) -

41) The best way to travel is to glider->wingsuit->parachute->zipline->drop onto AI driven jeep->plant c4 on jeep->takedown from above bystander->blow up jeep->roll credits

#32 Edited by Dixavd (1558 posts) -

42) If a game includes an in-game tablet that the player character has on them at almost all times which has the main purpose of showing a map, then it won't be on the WiiU.

43) Turns out that if a guy is bleeding out from a gunshot wound in front of you, they will fall unconscious quicker if you hold the wound down - otherwise they will just bleed profusely but generally be okay.

44) Both Far Cry 3 and Final Fantasy X use the same excuse as to why the noob-protagonist almost immediately becomes proficient with weaponry. (They play, like, extreme sports, man!)

#33 Edited by Hizang (9359 posts) -

45. Fuck sharks. No seriously, fuck sharks.

#34 Posted by Chocobodude3 (1117 posts) -

46. Michael Mando is an amazing actor

#35 Posted by MarvinPontiac (132 posts) -

47. It burns when that guy pees.

#36 Posted by Karkarov (3387 posts) -

48. Attacking outposts is dumb. If you simply hide in nearby bushes and wait long enough a random group of tigers/leopards/bears or some combination thereof will do it for you.

#37 Posted by Blastroid (289 posts) -

49. Jet ski, boat, and vehicle rental business go out of business on this island as you can find all everywhere for free!

#38 Posted by KoolAid (1212 posts) -

50. Siberian tigers don't seem THAT endangered.

#39 Posted by kaos_cracker (952 posts) -

51. A Leopard will clear out a outpost for you just as you walk by it.

#40 Posted by dandead (194 posts) -

52. Injecting yourself with yellow plants gives you x-ray vision... but it only works on animals.

#41 Edited by Blastroid (289 posts) -

53. With a special tattoo I can magically make people carry more money.

#42 Posted by murisan (1143 posts) -

54. Wingsuits work off of the smallest hills you can imagine.

#43 Posted by Sanity (2063 posts) -

55. Leopards and tigers take 3 arrows to kill, no exceptions!

#44 Posted by TheBluthCompany (455 posts) -

56. In a knife fight to the death with a hated rival, reality itself shifts to give you a large room to fight in, no matter how large the original room is.
57. Oliver is the worst.

#45 Posted by plaintomato (616 posts) -

58. Some things don't have skin. Like Manta Rays and Pirates.

#46 Posted by murisan (1143 posts) -

59. Turtles, however, do have skin.

#47 Posted by Sackmanjones (5223 posts) -

60. Rook Island was a key location in World War II.

#48 Posted by Sackmanjones (5223 posts) -

61. The man who does the information and history on Rook island hates his ex wife and mother in law

#49 Posted by jerseyscum (1085 posts) -

62. Oliver sucks, but he's holding all the fucking weed.

#50 Posted by Asmo917 (508 posts) -

63. You should definitely leave your lone rescued friend with the crazy, Timothy Leary-esque doctor who calls her by the wrong name. There's no way this will end up with him wearing her skin as a coat.

Subject to change as I learn even more, of course.

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