100+ Things You've Learned™ Playing Far Cry 3!

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#51 Posted by Fattony12000 (7561 posts) -

64. Grenade launchers are also effective at starting fires.

Don't Point
#52 Posted by smokeyd123 (334 posts) -

65. Dropping onto a shark from 100 feet into the air is the only proper way to kill it. No knife needed

#53 Edited by warxsnake (2650 posts) -

66. You can Double-Takedown-From-Above from a wingsuit or glider; If you do this, you have just achieved the best systematic FPS gameplay ever.  
67. Any time your character holds his weapon closer to him behind any type of cover, that means that you are in cover state; but it also means you can dynamically shoot out of your cover above you, or to the left/right, by pressing AIM(iron sights) or Shoot(blindfire); the best FPS cover system ever made.

#54 Edited by mordukai (7185 posts) -

68. Morpheus was right. Red Pills will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

69. His name is Buck and sure likes to...

#55 Posted by Cusseta (106 posts) -

70) Holding down a button to heal yourself sucks all kinds of balls.

#56 Posted by pweidman (2362 posts) -

71) one key starts every vehicle

72) shooting in the air celebrations shall not be disrupted by celebratory compatriots who get mauled to death by rabid dogs.... the show must go on.

#57 Posted by RawknRo11a (568 posts) -

73) When attacking an enemy outpost your best choice for a first entry team is a pair of large cats (e.g. Tigers or Leopards)

#58 Posted by JonSmith (171 posts) -

74) Decrepit letters from World War 2 will magically fuse into a brand new knife if collected.

75) Crashing into the ground with a wingsuit is a lot more painful than doing the same in a glider.

76) Poker is DEADLY.

77) When the attractive tribal leader you've met twice says she loves you, that's not a good sign.

78) When Hoyt fires you, he does it literally.

79) Some drugs give you superpowers. Some drugs make you hallucinate you're fighting a gigantic demon god while in reality undergoing sexual intercourse.

80) Hitting the water from around 200 feet up at terminal velocity doesn't hurt at all.

#59 Posted by SharkEthic (1063 posts) -

81) All weapon shops are run by the same old lady, which must mean that you're not the only one that can fast travel on the island.

#60 Posted by SecondPersonShooter (619 posts) -

82. The only difference between boars and pigs is that boars tend to face to the left.

#61 Edited by MB (13093 posts) -

83. A .50 caliber rifle round may go straight through an SUV and destroy it in one shot, but Galapagos turtle shells? Impenetrable!

#62 Posted by RPGee (763 posts) -

84. Having a few extra loops on your belt will let you carry about 150 extra kgs of stuff with ease.

85. People's left over playing cards and drug utensils can be acceptably and easily sold for a rather high price.

#63 Posted by Village_Guy (2662 posts) -

86. Landing on top of people are a safe way to survive huge falls - but only if you stick him with a knife.

#64 Posted by iGooner7 (136 posts) -

@JacDG said:

10) Dubsteppy-reggae music is hot and goes in perfect sync when you a destroying fields of weed!

Hahahah Skrillex ft Damien Marley. That tune is the SHIT!

#65 Posted by iGooner7 (136 posts) -

25) Jason can take a bullet out of his arm with a Knife while walking

#66 Posted by RedRoach (1212 posts) -

87. The most manliest way to kill a pirate is by cooking a grenade, running up to them, have the grenade explode in your hand, you survive and the pirate doesn't.

#67 Posted by Demoskinos (15139 posts) -

@MB: I haven't even seen a damn turtle yet. Huh.

#68 Posted by The_Nubster (2355 posts) -

88. Drug-induced hallucinated hiking trips will solve the problems of you and everyone who is associated with you.

#69 Posted by bill (98 posts) -

89.) Crabs can survive any attack

#70 Edited by MB (13093 posts) -

90. You may have secured the outpost, but if you really want to help the natives...you'll need to go torch a bunch of dogs with a flamethrower.

#71 Posted by Coafi (1494 posts) -

91. You can throw 10 rocks at a natives' face and he doesn't care, throw one more and he will shoot you and so will everybody else.

#72 Posted by TheRandomKo (240 posts) -

92. Several bullets to the body from an SMG might hurt a pirate, but a single arrow to the body will always kill him instantly..

#73 Posted by Coafi (1494 posts) -

93. The island's radio station only has 5 or 6 songs they like to play endlessly.

#74 Posted by Andorski (5365 posts) -

94. You can't skin chickens, meaning that there's no possibility of getting chicken wings on the island.

#75 Posted by Stealthmaster86 (682 posts) -

95. Getting stabbed my a mystical dagger will allow you to kill a main bad guy. Regardless if he's really dead or not.

#76 Posted by ESREVER (2698 posts) -

96. Jason Brody has control of the sun and the moon. When he stops moving, so do they.

#77 Posted by Vinny_Says (5721 posts) -

97. Only real badasses get 1500 xp for liberating an outpost with only a knife.

#78 Posted by KimChi4U (368 posts) -

98. You can kill every damn soldier in a base but you will not liberate it if that dog, who must hold some sort of military rank, is still alive.

99. Your posse of Rakyat warriors seem to always show up after you liberate a base, not before.

100. Stumbling across an empty vehicle, a dead person, and package of medicine means that you will make it just in time to deliver the supplies, no matter how long that vehicle sat there.

101. Rabid dogs must be put down with rpgs and flamethrowers, according to the locals.

#79 Posted by Stealthmaster86 (682 posts) -

102. No matter what animal attacks you, your voice will be calm like nothing is trying to rip your arm off.

#80 Posted by Napalm (9020 posts) -

103. The Rakyat hate it when you shoot them, and they will shoot and kill you!

#81 Posted by fox01313 (5089 posts) -

104. The idea hunting by standing on top of the Jeep worked so great in Red Dead Redemption (with the horse drawn carriages) as animals will at least have trouble getting to you. Unless you drive it into the water & stand on the wrecked vehicle as it won't help with sharks.

105. There's always going to be a hill that clearly looks like something you can climb but if you can't, avoid hitting the jump button as you will jump back quite a lot.

#82 Posted by newhaap (437 posts) -

106. Can't find a wallet you like at the nearest Macy's? Hunt down a tiger and make your own!

#83 Edited by Napalm (9020 posts) -

107. You can skin and gut an animal in like two seconds.

#84 Posted by GJSmitty (651 posts) -

108. Every gun shop ever is run by the same lady.

#85 Posted by Stealthmaster86 (682 posts) -

109. Sand and Water mixed together is mud.

#86 Posted by jerseyscum (925 posts) -

110. Master the bow. It's a guaranteed stealth kill and a rocket launcher in the same package.

#87 Posted by Milkman (17314 posts) -

111. Hunting leopards with a bow almost always goes poorly.

#88 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7099 posts) -

111. Fire arrows don't actually light anything on fire, and actually do less damage than regular arrows. It's basic chemistry.

#89 Posted by Phoenix778m (263 posts) -

112. You can reset your thumb; dig a bullet out of your arm; douse flames with your hands. But you cannot piss on yourself to alleviate a Jelly Fish sting. You will get stung.

#90 Posted by Phoenix778m (263 posts) -
@ESREVER really the night/day system is dependent on your movement? Interesting...
#91 Posted by curry_chips (5 posts) -

113. A quick way of reaching the top of a tower is by crashing a hang glider onto the top level of it. May only be possible from certain locations, but definitely works in some spots. Aeronautics is your friend.

#92 Edited by OfficeGamer (1087 posts) -

114. Jason is in fact Nomad's long lost son. His previous life as an idiotic partying teenage moron reflected the weak stupid linear games of the open-world-tropical-paradise universe (released in the last 5 years) such as Far Cry 2 and Crysis 2. His transformation into a badass was him finding his long-gone father's true path, the path of Crysis, the path of truly open world, intelligent AI and absolute player freedom to manipulate the AI and create random unique scenarios on the go. Far Cry 3 is Jason's finding of Nomad's lifestyle and embracing it. The son has finally returned and he did NOT disappoint.. Crysis is Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3 is FC3 ;)

#93 Posted by Mercer (205 posts) -

115. That island is as good as mine

#94 Posted by NinjaBerd (221 posts) -

116. A padlock will break guaranteed, so long as you hit it three times with the butt of a hunting knife.

117. A Jet Ski is the single most efficient shark killer man has ever created.

#95 Posted by nasseh (83 posts) -

118) Drugs are awesome.

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