Annoying Graphics Glitch

#1 Posted by Cincaid (3048 posts) -

So I'm getting extremely weird, and annoying, graphics glitches. It can occur after 5 minutes of playing, or after 45+ minutes of playing. This video (which is not mine) shows exactly what happens:

It happens around 2:05 in the video. The only solution is quitting out to desktop and restarting the game, effectively resetting any progress or checkpoints since you can't save anywhere you want to. My rig is more than enough to run Far Cry 3, and I'm running it on a GTX680 with the latest beta drivers (310.64). Is anyone else having the same issue, or have any idea what's causing this? My game is running at 60fps on Ultra without showing any signs of struggling, and the glitch seems to just randomly happen every now and then.

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Looks like your graphics card is dying.

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@Simplexity: That would be odd, considering I bought my rig about a month ago. Not to mention I can run every other game without issues.

#4 Posted by Simplexity (1430 posts) -

@Cincaid: Huh, then it's probably not that.

Maybe uninstall the beta drivers and install the 306 drivers instead?

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I don't think it's a dying graphics card. That's not really the type of glitching or artifacting that I've seen from overheating or dying cards. It also doesn't really make sense considering how many people I've seen complaining about this same issue.

You can try installing the last stable non-beta drivers and see if that fixes anything, but I suspect this might be a problem in the game itself that requires a patch to fix.

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Are you forcing AA thru inspector or control panel the game does not like that one bit ive noticed.

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Yeah Chaser's right it's not something related to defective card or a driver issue but a game glitch. The only thing you can try to do (probably for nothing i might add if there's a lot of people having the same issue) is redownloading the game and installing it back.

And did you change the FOV ? A wild guess is that it might be an issue with the change and models getting screwed up as it already messes animations like climbing or the fire on the arrows.

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Looks like a driver issue. Are you using BETA drivers? Even if you aren't, you should consider uninstalling the driver and installing a new(preferably different) one.

#9 Posted by weegieanawrench (1955 posts) -

I've had the same problem a few times, but I had been playing Just Cause 2 maxed out just before. I think it's just your card overheating. I turned off Far Cry and didn't touch it for a few hours and bam, no more crazy fuckups. Here are some of the worst ones I've had.

#10 Posted by trickology101 (36 posts) -

This Just happened to me as well =/ I'm on a GTX 660 ti, been playing for a solid hour and this graphic's glitch started to rear it's ugly head at me...

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