Audio Quality is bad -- any fix?

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I'm finally playing Far Cry 3 for the first time on PC, and the voices, music, and sounds work, but they sound tinny and super low quality. I thought playing this on headphones would be the best experience, but I was wrong and I just wanted to stop and take them off. I just finished Primordia, a Wadjet Eye budget indie game and the sound quality was way better than this. I have decent headphones and a headphone amp receiving SPDIF digital from the PC. Most of my games sound really good. I thought Far Cry 3 would blow me away, but I was wrong I guess.

Anyone know of a patch that will give me better audio samples?

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I don't know, but I originally played it on the 360 and figured it was a limitation of the platform. When I picked up the game from the Humble Store, I was pretty bummed to hear that the audio from anything that isn't a major NPC or Jason himself is pretty low-quality.

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An unfortunate side effect of having to fit onto a 360 DVD. In order to save space a good chunk of the audio effects are at a lower sample rate. It's a shame they didn't increase the sample rate on the PC, but alas were stuck with in world NPC's that sound like their dialogue was recorded over a telephone.

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That's a crying shame since the performances are pretty good so far. Reducing one or two textures for the 360 may have made the difference between passable and terrible sound quality.

It's too bad they didn't put more effort into the PC version. But Ubisoft made sure I play it through Uplay unnecessarily.

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