Constantly crashing on PC. Anyone else?

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Hey there. I got Far Cry 3 from AMD's Never Settle promotion for buying a new videocard from them.

I got FC3 installed today and have had nearly 10 full crashes over the course of 2 hours.

First few crashes were during the opening mission, next few were right before deactivating the first radio tower, and now I've had a few more during the first outpost takeover.

Halfway through this ordeal I restarted my PC and downloaded what looked like a new driver from AMD's website. It has crashed twice since then. My settings are on default.

Does anyone know how I could possibly fix this?

#2 Posted by B0HICAH (42 posts) -

Dug a little deeper and it seems to be a relatively widespread issue. Here's a link to a thread on the official Ubi forums discussing the issue and highlighting possible fixes:!

#3 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4523 posts) -

Are you overclocking your CPU or GPU too much, I got a 5850 and haven't had a single crash in 20 hours of playtime.

#4 Posted by B0HICAH (42 posts) -

Nothing I have is overclocked.

i5 3570k and a HD 7950.

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Stupid question but is the patch installed properly? I had to manually download and reinstall it because it didn't seem to take the first time.

That solved my crashes at least.

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@Linkster7 said:

Stupid question but is the patch installed properly? I had to manually download and reinstall it because it didn't seem to take the first time.

That solved my crashes at least.

I'm not sure about your particular situation, but I had to do something similar.

After installing the game, the game patches to 1.01 and then finishes. However, right after, it says there's another patch, but it didn't download it for me automatically and it instead opened up a browser pointing to the 1.02 patch. I downloaded that one manually and installed it myself. THEN I played the game.

I've played for 2 1/2 hours so far and no crashes *knock knock*

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I played it to completion, 100%ing a bunch of the side mission types as well, and never had it crash once. That was on Win 7 64 bit GTX260.

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@B0HICAH: I had a similar issue. I initially dropped it down from DirectX11 to DirectX9 and it ran like a dream. Obviously it wasn't looking as super-duper fucking amazing as it could, but it ran.

After a few hours of playing, I bumped it back up to DirectX11 and it ran a lot better. I could get in about 4-7 hours before a single crash. Usually, it would start crashing pretty consistently after this, at which point I'd drop down to DirectX9, play for another hour or so and repeat.

I don't know if my problem is exactly the same as yours, but that helped me.

Edit: I'm sure I heard that the opening level is one of the hardest ones for the game to process (probably due to all the Vaas facial scans on top of all the mechanics), If so, that might explain why the opening causes a whole mess of frequent crashes, compared to the rest of the game)

#9 Posted by IceColdGamer (604 posts) -

I'm running everything on Very High, a couple hours in, no crashes. Not overclocking anything.

#10 Posted by Grillbar (1772 posts) -

18 hours in an not a single crash.

it was via steam though the ubi stuff

could be some gpu driver messing with something

but what do i know. i aint no it guy

#11 Posted by emem (1954 posts) -

Nope, not a single crash over here either (i7 3770k, GTX 570). So it's probably an issue with the AMD graphics card (driver)?!

#12 Edited by Kamylow (12 posts) -

The GTX 5XX have a widespread issue with DX11. Is it an OC / custom card like the Asus direct CU II or MSI Twin Frozr ? If yes do try to flash the bios of your graphic card then to increase the voltage. Personally i had issue until i flashed it and cranked up the voltage to 1.025 instead of the 1000 of the flashed bios (was at 900 something before the flash).

Usually it's a good thing to switch form DX11 to DX9 when your games are crashing as a test.

#13 Posted by PerryVandell (2099 posts) -

I heard the game has some issues with ATI cards. I suggest knocking DirectX down to 9 and seeing how things go from there. Other than that, either play some other games while you wait for a patch, or sell your ATI card and go Nvidia (this is if you have money to burn).

#14 Posted by TrulyAlive (897 posts) -

@Kamylow: Okay, You know what you're talking about.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what 90% of what you just said means (that's on me. I've literally only gotten into PC stuff in the past 2 months)

Specifically, what does the following mean: "Is it an OC / custom card like the Asus direct CU II or MSI Twin Frozr ? If yes do try to flash the bios of your graphic card then to increase the voltage. Personally i had issue until i flashed it and cranked up the voltage to 1.025 instead of the 1000 of the flashed bios (was at 900 something before the flash)."?

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Nope, rock solid after many many hours.

Oh, you're on an AMD card.

I'm so sorry.

i5 2500k @ 4 GHz

MSI GTX 570 Twin Frozr III @ 920 MHz core and 2000 MHz memory, I have the core voltage set to 1.1 when gaming.

I've been running this game on both the 310.64 and 310.61 beta drivers. Although I see new beta drivers just came out yesterday, yay!

#16 Posted by probablytuna (3440 posts) -

Yeah I've had almost one crash every session I've played so far. It's a little annoying when it crashes before I have hard saved some progress. Hope they fix this in a patch or when they update the drivers.

#17 Posted by Fubar (164 posts) -

I played 3-4 hours last night without any problems.

Win 7 x64, i7 950, 12 GB ram, GTX 670

#18 Posted by djou (828 posts) -

I installed the beta driver referred to in that Ubi link you had and it cause all types of problems, but I reverted to the regular driver and my machine and FC3 runs smooth (i5 3570k and GTX570, nothing overclocked). I was worried about instability issues with this game since I wanted to have everything set to max. There is a Redit post I found helpful and a guide that NVidia published that helped me a lot.

#19 Posted by BBAlpert (1251 posts) -

@Kamylow said:

The GTX 5XX have a widespread issue with DX11. Is it an OC / custom card like the Asus direct CU II or MSI Twin Frozr ? If yes do try to flash the bios of your graphic card then to increase the voltage. Personally i had issue until i flashed it and cranked up the voltage to 1.025 instead of the 1000 of the flashed bios (was at 900 something before the flash).

Usually it's a good thing to switch form DX11 to DX9 when your games are crashing as a test.

I've had this issue as well. My GTX 570 was artifacting like a motherfucker whenever I tried to play Deus Ex: HR, Mass Effect 3, Civ 5, or Diablo 3. Upping the voltage so that the card actually had sufficient power to do its thing cleared that up just about immediately. I had a hell of a time getting the voltage settings to stick, though (I was using Afterburner and for some reason the voltages kept resetting themselves).

#20 Posted by TooSweet (360 posts) -

I think I'm running an ATI Radeon 6800 series. I forget. =/

But it's running fine. I purposefully reduced the graphics on it though just to be sure it would run without issues.

#21 Posted by Kamylow (12 posts) -

@TrulyAlive: What is the denomination of you graphic card ? Generally you have reference cards and slightly overclocked cards made by X or Y company. The two i said are some of those custom models. It would be specified on the box. As for the rest the bios is the settings of the cards if you want and to flash it it to do an update. As for the increas of voltage i think that it's self explanatory.

@BBAlpert: Have to say that i didn't used that one so couldn't talk about it, i use Asus GPU tweak because it satisfies my need and i just switch profile whenever i boot.

#22 Posted by onarum (1945 posts) -

Yeah, crashing for me too, but in my case it may be my overclock, though it's strange since it has been running stable for months, but yesterday after the second crash I checked the system log and there it was, the fucking WHEA-logger warning...

So ttried giving a bit more voltage to the cpu, but it's a strenuous process, upping the voltage .05 a time and testing in between. .. I want to give just enough voltage and not overdo it, had to stop tweaking yesterday because I had to go to sleep, but the game seemed way more stable, didn't crash in about 40 minutes , though I still got a WHEA warning. ..

To those more knowledgeable than me about overclocking, is it normal to have a oc running stable for months and then finding this one game than makes it NOT stable anymore?

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It hard locks or loses audio if I Alt+Tab out when full screened, and twice I've had a glitch where Jason's whole left arm turned black that required a reboot. Other than that, been fine.

#24 Posted by Clayton_Bomb (9 posts) -

I've been having constant crashes. Game is completely unplayable. I haven't made it past the opening sneaking part, so it never saves. Most of the time it just won't start. If it does, crashes to black screen with audio still running. Other games run fine, smooth as silk. Card is a MSI Geforce 660 ti. I've had a support request in to Ubisoft for days with no response. Throwing 60$ away on a game I can't play is a great way to drive me back to Console gaming.

I've tried... Latest beta drivers. Clean install of windows (went from 7 to 8). Redownloaded and reinstalled game. Card is factory overclocked so tried setting it to reference levels. Tried boosting the voltage. Tried compatibility mode.

Arkham City, Max Payne, Borderlands 2, Skyrim and many others all run great.

I'm at a loss.

#25 Edited by Blastroid (257 posts) -

About 6 hours of play and I crashed around 7-8 times so far. All crashes have been in the menus when the text gets expanded going from screen to screen. 99% of the time it is fine but now I click the save before expanding the other menus. PC - Running Ultra Settings.

#26 Posted by warxsnake (2626 posts) -

If you have a factory OCed gefore 5xx downclock it slightly and up the voltage to 1026mV 
And dont ever buy factory OCed cards again because their voltages are always too low for the clock speed they ship with.  
I had constant crashing with my evga "FTW" 570 on sleeping dogs. upping voltage and reducing clock speed got rid of the crashing, and every other game including fc3 is stable as fuck. 

#27 Posted by Kamylow (12 posts) -

Generally you don't buy OCed cards for the OC performed as it is minimal but for the improved cooling. Custom cooling as done in the Asus DCU II most notably but also the MSI Twin Frozr or Gigabyte Windforce custom cards is a great improvement as it is noiseless, fresher and more overclockable if that's your thing (wich isn't the case of EVGA card by the way and more often than not they are more expensive, don't buy EVGA guys, i know that a lot of people in the US market buy those but when compared to the others they lack of any advantage other than ejecting the air out of the case wich isn't a problem in a classic gaming case correctly cooled).

As far as trouble goes once you know that you'll have to downclock it to the reference model (for the 570 you got to go from 742 to 732 that's nothing) and crank up the voltage your good. And it should be noted that it only happens on some games (in my case BF3, Saints Row the Third, Fear 3 and Far Cry 3 are the only one to give me any kind of worries) and generaly on DX11.

#28 Posted by Humanity (7924 posts) -

This sort of stuff always scares me off from getting PC versions of games. The "this game is constantly crashing for me" vs "works perfectly fine for me" thing is really unfortunate.

#29 Posted by Ichab0d (2 posts) -

Any updates on how to fix this hard locking/freezing issue? I get anywhere from 30 seconds in to 20 minutes in before it goes black, only plays ambient audio and I have to reboot my pc to get out of that lock state.

#30 Posted by Andorski (5106 posts) -

Haven't had a single crash yet. On the flip side, ACIII has been crashing on me like a mofo.

#31 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2167 posts) -

I've beaten the game and have had only 2 lock ups, rocking a GTX 680 SLI setup atm so maybe it's affecting AMD cards a lot more than Nvidia's?

#32 Posted by envane (1156 posts) -

@Kamylow: as someone with 2 gigabyte 580s i can attest that windforce is a more like windfarce .. those motherfuckers even pop off their axles sometimes they appear to just be held there magnetically , otherwise theyre loosley wired up so they just pop out and hang there after some large amount of time , you can tell if its gonna happen cuz it gets extra rattly .. when they arent doing this they still cool pretty well . crazily enuff it happens way less often now that i use a custom profile that keeps them at 50% minimum speed instead of 40% , spinning that extra bit faster all the time keeps them there with centrifugal force ( or the other kind )

plus they perform horribly in sandwiched sli mode , as most do , but yeh i dunno if its worth it to buy another vga cooler like the arctic cooling ones (which clearly have a cage to stop the fans falling out eheh) when ill probaly replace these 2 cards with a single 780 (or whatever is good around that kinda timeframe)

as for crashes i got alot from the sheer heat it was causing my cards to put out ( first time with everything maxed and no vsync it got to 90degrees celcius on the 1st gpu), with the newer beta drivers and the game patch i havent even approached the crazy temps i was getting , so i assume thats half the issue for people ..drivers just shutting down due to heat or voltage issues.

if you want to monitor your gpu temp , get msi afterburner and use its on screen display system to show gpu load and heat etc as an overlay while playing

#33 Posted by Th3irdEye (235 posts) -

I overclock my GPUs to what I have experienced to be very stable settings. Never experienced issues with any game before. For some reason Far Cry 3 sends my temps through the roof and stresses the crap out of my SLI setup and was causing crashes. I put my cards back down to factory settings and I haven't had a crash since. I didn't lose any frame rate so, whatever. I've also read about some cases where people had to downclock their stock GPUs slightly to get the game to run stable. It's just really hard on graphics cards for some reason. But, man is it beautiful.

#34 Posted by Kamylow (12 posts) -

@envane: Good to know about the windforce, never ahd one myself but buddies never seemed to complain about, i'll inauire by curiosity. If you want good ones the Asus one clearly are the top ones as i've had them and recomended them since they have been introduced and few if no people had any complains about it.

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My Sapphire HD7850oc runs the game fine overall. Only starts to struggle when I put everything on Ultra. Have had no crashes so far with everything on high/very high, no MSAA, VSync on, Direct X 11. I am on the AMD beta drivers.

Hey OP, did ya download the CAP2 Far Cry 3 profile from the AMD website? The CAP2 profile is pretty important to the good running on an AMD card. The CAP file is downloaded separately from the beta drivers.

#36 Posted by Mr402 (128 posts) -

So far from reading this thread I'm wondering if I need to up the voltage on my Sapphire Radeon 7970 oc when playing certain games in DX10 or 11. Basically I crash sometimes to a black screen and still hear audio in the background. This is followed by a hard reset. Anything in DX9 runs flawlessly. Far Cry 3 is the same issue. I can run it fine for a few minutes then it crashes to a black screen giving me a resolution not supported. Which software would folks recommend I use to adjust voltage settings? Sapphire Trixx?

#37 Posted by Clayton_Bomb (9 posts) -

After trying every fix around, including down clocking and upping the voltage on my card etc, I got it to work by switching to dx 9. I shouldn't have to do that, but at least I can play the game now. As a last resort it's better than nothing.

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